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By Chidchanok Jindaporn, Rachadawan Kelar
Following a lead identified by our client, we recently conducted an investigation of two large wholesalers in Soi Lalaisub and Sampeng Markets in Bangkok.
By Peeraya Thammasujarit
Currently, a trade mark owner wishing to transfer only some of the associated marks to a third party has only two options, neither of which is likely to be attractive.
By Prasit Siricheepchaiyan, Kamolchanok Punjad
When it comes to infringement actions, two dates are of particular importance: date of publication and date of grant.
By Nuttachai Unaratana
The Thai Trade Mark Office has very precise requirements in relation to specifications of goods/services.
Southern Sudan was established as a separate state in July last year.
By Manoon Changchumni
Although parties in IP cases will generally be required to produce witnesses at trial, for less complicated cases documentary evidence may be sufficient.
The unfair-competition case of Dong Yang Rong Xuan V Dong Yang Qing Yu, Beijing Ai Ke Sai Wen Film & Television Production has been concluded at the Beijing Second Intermediate People's Court.
Zhejiang Higher People's Court issued a second instance judgment, ruling that Philips' manufacture and sale of safety outlets didnot constitute patent infringement.
BEIRSDORF AG (BDF) is a leading cosmetic company with a great reputation in its brand "NIVEA".
Microsoft has put forward evidence to prove that Gome (LuWan store) installed pirated Microsoft Windows and Office software in computers it was selling.
In an eagerly awaited decision, India's Controller of Patents has granted a licence to generics pharmaceutical manufacturer, Natco Pharma Ltd (Natco) to manufacture Bayer's patented anticancer drug 'Naxavar'.
Earlier this month, the National Copyright Administration of China (NCAC) released a draft of proposed revisions to China's Copyright Law.
By Arty Rajendra, Rosie Burbidge
About 18bn apps were downloaded in 2011. There are apps for everything conceivable, including how to manage your intellectual property (IP) registrations.