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By David Elmaleh, Yousef Elsohemy, Law Student
The stage was set. The tug-of-war pitted 20 or so trailer renters against 20 or so cottage renters. Disaster ensued.
By Howard Borlack, Émilie-Anne Puckering, Law Student
The recent Ontario Superior Court decision, Lavender v Miller Bernstein, serves as a reminder – and a warning – that the Canadian jurisprudence is beginning to recognize a cause of action in negligence emerging from a negligent misrepresentation where the representor owes a duty of care to the representee.
By Howard Borlack, Karen Bernofsky (Student-at-Law)
ONSC Judge expands the utility of summary judgement motions.
By Howard Borlack, Lee Chitty
British Columbia's controversial Tobacco Damages and Health Care Costs Recovery Act is back in the courts.
By Michael Blinick, Sean Valentine
This same duty, however, does not attach to social hosts without the existence of some form of a special relationship.
By David Elmaleh
The Ontario Court of Appeal has recently upheld an application judge's decision to deny the mayor and Town of Rainy River relief from the harassment of a local resident in its recent decision...
By Irina Sfranciog, Andrew Valela
In the recent decision of Wilson v Alharayeri, the Supreme Court of Canada unanimously found that directors and officers of a corporation can be personally liable for corporate oppression...
By Irina Sfranciog, Karolina Iron
Generally, unsuccessful parties bear the responsibility of paying a, sometimes significant, portion of the successful side's legal costs in addition to their own.
By David Elmaleh, Karolina Iron
Insurance fraud is a tale as old as time. The earliest recorded incident occurred in Ancient Greece, around 300 BC.
By Alan Drimer, Priya Chopra
The scope of an insurer's responsibility regarding the duty to defend and indemnify has increased.
By Adam Grant, Lee Chitty
Historically, separate and distinct causes of action developed within the law of torts.
By McCague Borlack - CLC Content
In Riocan Holdings Inc. v. Intact Insurance Co., 2017 ABCA 73, the Alberta Court of Appeal very recently considered a commercial general liability insurer's duty to defend an additional insured.
By Matthew Dugas
Airbnb, the online marketplace for hospitality services, first began to operate in Toronto around 2010.
By Adam Grant, Miranda Serravalle
At the outset of a loss, it is most critical to begin preserving evidence and investigating the cause of the loss.
By Daniel Côté-Finch, Lee Chitty
Claims for general damages in automobile cases are subject to a statutory threshold test.