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By Terence Pay
The government has had to postpone many measures that were included in Finance Bill 2017 in order to pass through the legislation in a shortened timeframe before Parliament is dissolved on 3 May.
By Terence Pay
Private clients and their advisers should be asking themselves (and each other) if they are sufficiently prepared for the Common Reporting Standard ("CRS").
By Terence Pay
On Friday 18th August 2016 the government released a further consultation document on the proposed changes to the taxation of non-domiciled individuals due to take effect from 6 April 2017.
By Terence Pay
The treaty provides benefits for UK companies operating in the UAE, and to short-term business visitors based in the UAE coming to the UK.
By Terence Pay
The government released a further consultation document on Friday 18th August 2016 in which they confirm that they will press ahead with the proposed changes to the taxation of non-domiciled individuals.
By Terence Pay
Many non-domiciled individuals own UK residential property through an offshore company/trust structure as these types of structures have, until recently, afforded many tax benefits.
By Terence Pay
The changes were first announced in the 2015 Summer Budget, and a Consultation document was issued in September 2015 setting out further details.
By Terence Pay
Many of the UK's double tax treaties have allowed profits deriving from UK land and property development and dealing activities to escape UK tax where a non-resident developer undertakes a property trade with treaty protection and without the creation of a permanent establishment ("PE") in the UK.
By Terence Pay
The Companies Act 2014 represents the most significant reform of company law since 1963, replacing the existing 16 Companies Acts, and will come into force on 1 June 2015.
We have received enquiries from a number of prospective non-doms including some who are postponing their relocation to London and the purchase of high-value residential property here.
The UK Government announced in yesterday's Budget that they are extending the package of taxes that were brought in over recent years to target UK residential properties held by companies and other non-natural persons
By Terence Pay
UK real estate, particularly prime property in London, has always attracted significant international investment.
Following its announcement at Budget 2013, the UK Government issued a consultation document in May 2013 considering changes to two aspects of the partnership tax rules.
Entrepreneurs' Relief may be claimed by individuals or trustees (of interest in possession trusts only) who sell shares or securities in a trading company or dispose of the whole or part of a trading business, providing the necessary conditions are met.
Principal Private Residence (PPR) relief is the most significant relief from Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on the sale of interests in property.