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By Allan Hickie
The Academies Financial Handbook 2015, effective from 1 September 2015, has been published by the Education Funding Agency.
By UHY Hacker Young LLP
Online access to bookkeeping and accounting is rapidly becoming the must have accounting service model for small and medium sized businesses.
By Subarna Banerjee, Allan Hickie, Roland Givans, Margot Madin, Simon Newark, Mark Giddens
2016 is likely to be a defining year in the charity and not-for-profit sector for a number of reasons.
By Mike Crellin
If you use the approved rates, you have certainty that you are claiming no more than the true cost of fuel used on business journeys and so will not be taxed on a 'fuel benefit'.
By Simon Newark
Should you now wish to review your own VAT position, or have questions specifically related to VAT, please contact the speaker and our specialist VAT partner.
By UHY Hacker Young LLP
With HMRC entering into a long succession of information exchange agreements, the chances of the tax man finding out about your offshore assets - whether in Liechtenstein, Switzerland or anywhere else - is now extremely high.
By UHY Hacker Young LLP
This document sets out to summarise the split year treatment of the Statutory Residence Test. The full SRT legislation is complex and detailed, occupying 24 pages of Finance Act 2013.
By Michael Avient
It is a shame that HMRC did not seek a less controversial case as this would have allowed the legislation to be tested without other underlying issues also being taken into account.
By Peter Miller
The surprise election result has removed some potential tax increases, but a variety of delayed tax measures and manifesto promises remain.
By Peter Miller
There are now many options for investing on behalf of children, but one stands out as an obvious starting point.
By Peter Miller
Do you understand the way in which an investment portfolio is designed?
By Peter Miller
Your ability to work is a vital resource. It allows you to keep a roof over your head and feed and clothe yourself and your family.
By Peter Miller
At present platforms cannot cope well with some of the older investment plans and the only option would be to surrender the plan which might not be in a client's interests.
By Peter Miller
For defined contribution pension schemes (or money purchase schemes as they are sometimes called) such as personal pensions, you now have complete freedom in how you draw your benefits once you reach minimum pension age...
By Peter Miller
Earlier this year HM Treasury formally launched Pension Wise, its service to offer consumer guidance on the new pension rules.