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By Andy Viner
If I were a journalist, I'd say that UK companies in the technology, media and telecoms industries are going to be selling like hot cakes in the coming months.
By Stuart Lisle
The creation of a free trade agreement across the Commonwealth will be complex as it will require the agreement of all 53 member states, each with their own specific needs and agendas.
By Ruth Ireland
With sound contracts playing such an important to successful businesses, how can you get comfort that your contracting processes are efficient and effective?
By Richard Weighell
Internal auditors will need to assess their readiness to demonstrate transparency in their operations and those of their suppliers.
By Ruth Ireland
Lance Armstrong is a word famous US sportsman, cancer survivor and seven times Tour de France winner. However he has now been stripped of those titles after a doping scandal.
By Julian Upton
As you may be aware from our previous discussions and correspondence with NHS Pensions, by now we had been promised final 2013/14 annual allowance statements for all GPs.
By Gavin Davis
If you are a Windows 7 or 8.1 user you may have noticed a new icon appearing in the Windows System tray on your desktop in the past few weeks (normally in the bottom right corner of your screen).
By William Wilkinson
I was recently involved in a discussion about the changing nature of technology in the context of advisory services, particularly IT Risk and Forensic Technology services.
By Simon Brown
The health and safety of employees is the responsibility of all employers.
By Jon Dee
The May 2015 International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) paper "From Bolt-on to Built-in Managing Risk as an Integral Part of Managing an Organization" has neatly summarised the challenges of embedding risk management.
By Denis Burke
The European Commission plans to unify data protection within the European Union (EU) with a single law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
By Ruth Ireland
A colleague recently wrote an article for Business Reporter on risk management and shellfish.
By Martin Callaghan
Tax transparency is one of the ‘hot topics' of the moment. The tax policy of large corporates has come under increasing scrutiny from a public and media that demand companies pay ‘their fair share'.
By Richard Wild
Many organisations now buy or sell overseas, even if they do not consider themselves to be international businesses.
By Marc Welby, Jim Gempton
The Upper Tribunal has recently confirmed a decision to treat a construction project as a zero-rated 'new build'.