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South Africa
By Theo Doubell
We conducted this search at the South African Trade Marks Office making use of the Registrar of Trade Marks’ data base which includes all trade marks applications and registrations in force in South Africa.
By Theo Doubell
The new .XXX top level domain name registry is being rolled out for use in the adult entertainment industry.
By Theo Doubell
Until recently, "capital" as contemplated regulation 10(1)(c) of the South African Exchange Control Regulations, issued in terms of the Currency and Exchanges Act, No 9 of 1933 (the "Regulations), has been interpreted broadly so as to include intellectual property, as a result, chiefly, of the judgment in Couve and another v Reddot International (Pty) Ltd 2004 (6) SA 425 (W) ("Couve").