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By Hassan Elhais
I have a mortgage and I've paid a lot of money to the bank I hold the mortgage with.
By Hassan Elhais
A man kidnapped his daughter and brought her to Dubai after losing custody of the 5-year-old to his ex-wife in their home country, the Personal Status Court was told.
By Hassan Elhais
I am a Muslim woman who has been married to a Muslim man for five years.
By Hassan Elhais
Question: I had run up some debts on my credit card and had arranged a settlement with the bank providing the card.
By Hassan Elhais
My husband and I have been living in the UAE for two years and we're both from Asia.
Whether it's at a mall or a hotel, at some point, most drivers in the UAE will have handed over their keys to get their automotive pride and joy valet parked.
I want my wife to go back to our home country and take care of my children. Do the laws allow me to stop my spouse from working?
By Hassan Elhais
My husband filed for divorce in our home country and cancelled my visa, so I was forcefully sent home by him and my in-laws.
By Hassan Elhais
Question: I have custody of my son from a previous marriage to a Muslim man. I'm Asian and not Muslim and we're both remarried now but my ex-husband is trying to force me to give him custody.
By Hassan Elhais
Question: I have an Asian friend who came to Dubai on a visitor's visa but he was arrested for inhaling glue. What would the sentence be for such an offence?
By Hassan Elhais
If someone has chosen a beneficiary for their life insurance policy, does the insurance payout become part of the inheritance after the death of that person or is it only given to the beneficiary?
By Hassan Elhais
I suspect that my husband might be cheating on me but I do not have enough evidence to prove it. Can I request that the authorities get Etisalat to check the text message exchanges...
By Hassan Elhais
I have a small company in the UAE and I signed a contract with an international company.
By Hassan Elhais
In this article we will guide you to better understand the legal process which is followed in most family disputes.
By Hassan Elhais
I was involved in a traffic accident that resulted in injury. It was referred to the traffic court and the other driver was sentenced.
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