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By Christopher Hopkins
Much has already been said about how eventual "Brexit" may impact upon the UK politically but this article will instead explore what effect this could have on regulation and doing business in (or with) the UK?
By Anthony Korn
According to Butterworths Employment Law Handbook, the employment lawyers bible, there are no less than 33 European Directives which the UK has been required to implement.
By Susanne Muth
This was the stark warning issued by the Commons' Work and Pensions Committee in its report published on 19 October 2015.
By Fatim Kurji
This month sees the implementation of arguably the most wide reaching development in the arena of age discrimination since the Age Discrimination Regulations were first implemented in 2006: the default retirement age (DRA) has, from the 6th April 2011, been scrapped.
By Fatim Kurji
Can a person bring a disability discrimination claim based on an employer's perception that the Claimant is disabled or suffers from a particular type of disability when in fact the Claimant does not?
By Anthony Korn
In Nationwide Building Society v Benn and ors [2010] IRLR 922 the EAT reviews the meaning of both Regulation 4(9) and Regulation 7(2) of TUPE 2006.
By Anthony Korn
In Malone and ors v British Airways Plc [2010] EWCA Civ 1225 the Court of Appeal rejects the contention that BA was in breach of contract in proposing to reduce staffing levels which had been previously agreed with the trade unions.
By Anthony Korn
Compulsory Retirement Age Not Discriminatory In Seldon v Clarkson, Wright & Jakes [2010] IRLR 865 the Court of Appeal confirms that a firm of solicitors was justified in requiring one of its partners to retire at the age of 65 in accordance with the terms of its partnership deed.
By Anthony Korn
In Orr v Milton Keynes Council [2011] IRLR 317, O was dismissed for discussing with some young people at a community centre a sexual assault that had recently taken place when he was expressly instructed not to do so.
By Russell Bailey
What impact does an arbitration clause have on a Claimant's ability to pursue a Sex Discrimination claim?