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By Jessica Lo
Here are some situations when you can benefit from consulting an employment lawyer.
By J. Reilly Pollard
The law of Canada on the treatment of investments in Ponzi-schemes has been cast in the spotlight recently through developments in the bankruptcy of Virginia Tan ("Tan").
By Fanda Wu
Clients often ask if they can get some or all of their legal fees reimbursed by their former spouse if they "win" the case.
By Gregory S. Miller
In this ongoing series, senior partner, Greg Miller explains fair treatment outside of a contract situation. Where no contract exists the law of torts, established by the courts, sets out how citizens should treat each other.
By Gregory S. Miller
The next installment in a video series on Contract law for engineers and architects.
By Gregory S. Miller
Accepting certain terms may have unintended consequences and must be considered carefully.
By Gregory S. Miller
In the second of a six-part-series, senior partner Greg Miller continues to explain contract law, with definitions of obligations and conditions.
By Gregory S. Miller
In the first of a series, senior partner Greg Miller leads you through the introductory questions around contract law through the lens of architects and engineers.
By Jessica Lo
What happens if some years after executing a Will, a Will-maker notes her intention to change her estate distribution but passes away before taking steps to formally execute a new Will?
By Ari Wormeli
The case of Warde v. Slatter, 2017 BCSC 274 involves a company, started by the parents of the husband.
By Mark Szepes
Effective June 1, 2017, significant changes have been made to the laws governing Small Claims cases in British Columbia.
By Jessica Lo
When it comes to estate planning, you've probably heard about making a Will.
By Jonathan Fung
Owners of unregistered trademarks can sue for "passing off" however, owners of registered trademarks, in addition to being able to sue for "passing off", can bring actions in "infringement"...
By C. Andrew Guerra
On Monday, July 25, 2016, the BC government announced legislative amendments to the Property Transfer Tax Act.
An eTA is obtained by completing an online application, which is available on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.