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By Leanne Alexander
With replacement property rules, you can purchase farmland to replace a previous piece of farmland sold – as long as it's used in the same (or a similar) business – and elect to defer any capital gain...
By Rosa Iuliano
Many doctors work their entire career without needing to collect HST for their services, but there can be many exceptions to this rule.
By Jesse Genereaux
Employers make annual tax deductible contributions to an RCA that are subject to a refundable 50% withholding tax.
By Rainer Vietze
On July 18, the Department of Finance released a consultation paper outlining a number of measures designed to close down various tax planning strategies currently available to owners of...
By Michael Rose
Most entrepreneurs who plan to sell when exiting their business don't think about it seriously until they are ready to sell.
By Jay Anstey
Most small business owners aren't aware there are financial controls they should be putting in place, but if they operate a business without them...
By Terry Booth
If you are trying to find financing for an early stage tech company, you've got three main options: government grants, equity investment, and/or bank loans.
By Douglas Kroetsch
A major change is underway for the accounting of leases by lessees with the introduction of IFRS 16 - Leases where many leases that were previously not reported on the balance sheet will now be included.
By Rainer Vietze
On June 9, 2017, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) invited public comment on a number of proposed changes to the Voluntary Disclosure Program.
By Rainer Vietze
On June 9, 2017, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) invited public comment on a number of proposed changes to the Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP).
By John Oakey
Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced on March 22, 2017 that the federal government would simplify the existing caregiver credit, the infirm dependent credit and the family caregiver tax credit...
By Julie Chrétien, Dan Gauthier
In today's ever-changing business environment, digital globalization is aggressively increasing. With the world more connected than ever, it is the dawn of a new era of surging flows of data and information.
By Rainer Vietze
Canada has over 90 bilateral tax treaties and over 20 bilateral Tax Information Exchange Agreements in force, with at least a dozen more treaties or agreements in the negotiation stage.
By Scott Dupuis, CPA, CA, Catherine Rau
The announcement of the Trump administration's plan for tax reform has left Canadians concerned regarding the impact of such drastic changes by our neighbour and largest trading partner.
By Lily Lo
Is it possible that a foreign corporation that has no physical presence in a state could be required to pay state income taxes resulting from business/sales within that state?
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