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By Cansu Ozsan
The purpose of natural and legal entities in bringing funds into a company is to invest for profit sharing.
By Ekin Ersanli
Equity and trust are two concepts in common law that a continental law practitioner faces with hardship to visualize.
By Özgür Kocabaşoğlu
Below, decisions of the Court of Cassation in relation to this authority of the judge to limit non-competition clauses will be examined.
By Ecem Susoy
Primarily, the deletion, removal or anonymization of personal data are regulated under Art. 7 of Law No. 6698.
By H. Ercüment Erdem
As a current practice, expedited procedure rules have been introduced as a remedy against the rising time and costs of arbitration proceedings, in principle, to be applied if the amount in dispute...
By Duygu Oner
Under Turkish law, the liability regime is established as personal and unlimited1. However, in some circumstances, the legislation prefers to limit liability, considering the balance of interest between the parties.
By Firat Coskun
The buyer's obligation of inspection is regulated under Article 38 of the CISG.
By Fatih Işık
The effect of the principle of separability on determination of the law applicable to arbitration agreements was examined, and the doctrine and court opinions were summarized in the July, 2017...
By Tuna Çolgar
Then they establish a commercial company that has a legal personality, and commence participate in an already existing partnership.
By Assoc. Prof. H. Murat Develioglu
As is known, a contract is only effective between the parties due to the principle of relativeness of contract.
By Melisa Sevinç Atılganer
Pursuant to Article 39 of Capital Markets Law numbered 6362, "It is mandatory to obtain permission from the Authority for performance of investment services and activities as a regular occupation...
By Yesim Tokgoz
Employees are not under the obligation to obey instructions that are against public order, law, ethics, and/or personal rights.
By Ecem Cetinyilmaz
In joint stock companies, capital increases can be made through capital commitment or internal resources.
By Nezihe Boran Demir
In financing transactions, creditors, especially commercial banks, aim for repayment of loans through the smoothest manner possible.
By Mert Karamustafaoglu
According to the Report, the most conditioned market, in terms of competitive market conditions, is open television broadcasting.
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