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By Victoria Lei
Foreign companies should take immediate steps to protect their trademarks and other important intellectual property.
By Koen Naber, Nicholas Caraco
We compare the trademark applications process in China and registrations in the context of international trademarks.
By Maarten Roos
If another has registered the trademark, the foreign brand owner may face a number of challenges when selling in China.
By Simon Robertson
For foreign investors and businesses, due diligence is more important in a slowing China economy than ever before.
By Maarten Roos, Michael Wilder
With news of imminent mass layoffs in China, knowledge of redundancy and restructuring options by HR managers is crucial.
By Robin Tabbers, Michael Wilder
Despite government IP advancements, challenges still exist for foreign businesses with commercial activities in China.
By Maarten Roos, Robin Tabbers
Many international companies are considering options such as establishing their manufacturing or trading entity in China.
By Simon Robertson
For foreign investors, these tax changes will bring both bottom-line benefits and greater consistency to their operations.
By Rogier Van Bijnen
Chinese companies are often quite reluctant to provide information or to fully cooperate with Western due diligence.
By Robin Tabbers, Maarten Roos
The ChAFTA deal will also ensure that 95% of Australian products exported to the Chinese market will become duty-free.
By Maarten Roos, Robin Tabbers
There are plenty of opportunities for a foreign business to create a niche for itself in China's new economic structure.
By Maarten Roos
The SFTZ acts as a pilot area for economic experiments that would, if successful, be copied in the rest of the country.
By Robin Tabbers
The Circular specifically prohibits local incentives for new investment and cancels previously-confirmed incentives.
By Maarten Roos
This is a focus on some legal challenges that international companies face when restructuring distributor relationships.
By Maarten Roos
China's gradual opening up to foreign investment has been a key factor in the successful development of China's economy.