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By Lloyd Clarke
From 6th May, a prospective Claimant will need to participate in mandatory early conciliation through Acas before they can submit a claim to the ET.
By Aimee Dooley
I'm reminded of a news story which hit the headlines in 2010 when considering gifting in terms of Inheritance Tax.
By Samantha Gray
The breakdown of a relationship is one of the most emotional and stressful times you may experience in life.
By Nick Attwell
This month HMRC published the draft Social Security Contributions (Limited Liability Partnership) Regulations 2014.
By Laura Harrington-Rutterford
A list of your online accounts for e-mail, banking, investments and social media should be provided to your loved ones to assist with administration on your death.
By Will Oakes
The Court of Appeal found that a notice which sought to be a break clause failed because it did not contain the wording specified in the lease.
By Samantha Gray
When a couple divorce or separate, you may agree that a jointly owned property will be transferred into the sole name of one of you.
By Lloyd Clarke
With effect from 6 April 2014 certain self-employed subcontractors will have to be paid subject to deduction of tax and national insurance contributions.
By Lloyd Clarke
A recent case in the Employment Appeal Tribunal considered the controversial issue of whether an employer's use of covert surveillance as evidence of an employee's misconduct affected the fairness of his subsequent dismissal.
By Lloyd Clarke
Where an employer commits a fundamental, breach of contract, an employee has the right to resign and claim constructive dismissal.
By Nick Attwell
In the recent case of Readman v Devon Primary Care Trust [2011] the Employment Appeals Tribunal overturned a decision made by the Employment Tribunal and concluded that an employee can reasonably refuse an offer of suitable alternative employment.
By Laura Harrington-Rutterford
On 12 March 2012 the Government announced the introduction of the New Buy Scheme which assists buyers who have a deposit of at least 5% to purchase a newbuild property.
By Samantha Gray
In November 2011, a report was published called The Family Justice Review.
By Lisa Draper
I would anticipate that in due course the increase in SDLT at £2m will be priced into the market. In the short term there is likely to be a dampening of demand.
By Nick Attwell
The Claimant was awarded a total payout of just under £142,000 including damages for discrimination, injury to feelings, and personal injury.