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By Constantinos Aristidou
This is a tax treaty/agreement based on the OECD Model Convention for the Avoidance of Double Taxation on Income and on Capital and the prevention of fiscal tax evasion...
By Constantinos Aristidou, Christiana Aristidou
As a rule and according to Article 33 of the Cyprus Income Tax Law, which introduces the arm's length principle (using wording similar to that of article 9 of the OECD Model Tax Convention), ...
By Natasa Demetriou
Each case is examined separately, on its own merits, by the Courts.
By Matheos Antoniou
The case concerned a Claimant's application to the Supreme Court for a Certiorari order against a decision of the District Court of Pafos.
By Christiana Aristidou
the words of Prof. Randall Davis from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "The point is not to ride roughshod over intellectual property rights but to find new ways to respect them, ways that are consonant with the world we now live in".
By Christiana Aristidou
Negotiation is the fundamental key for the resolution of disputes, both for the individual representatives of each party and for the ADR practitioner.
By Christiana Aristidou
During the past thirty years Cyprus has developed into a formidable financial centre, renowned for its high quality services.
By Christiana Aristidou
For the past 50 years Cyprus has developed into a formidable maritime centre, renowned for its high quality shipping services.
By Christiana Aristidou
A company’s presence on the Internet starts with its domain name registration.
By Christiana Aristidou
The very first mark registered in UK, a label for pale ale bearing the famous bass red triangle, used for beer.
By Christiana Aristidou
As the technology industry is highly competitive and grows rapidly, organizations focus on reducing costs in a bid to strive to retain and/or gain the competitive advantage.
By Christiana Aristidou
For the purpose of this work, it is assumed that, NC is a start-up company in Information Technology business and deals mainly with computer software.
By Christiana Aristidou
Trade marks are distinctive names, domain names, words, etc. that manufactures or sellers affix to distinguish and identify the origin of their products.
By Irene Aristidou
As everybody knows Europe has many independent countries.
By Irene Aristidou
Как известно, в Европе существует множество независимых государств.