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By Martin Mitchell, Mark Healey
Following the introduction of the annual and lifetime caps for UK approved schemes at "A Day" (6 April 2006), the use of unapproved or unregistered retirement benefit schemes has increased considerably.
By Karen Grieve, Simon Perchard
A Private Trust Company ("PTC") is a useful vehicle to consider in the planning and establishment of trust services for wealthy families, and is one of various vehicles including a Family Office, Family Limited Partnerships and Foundations that can be considered for alternative wealth planning solutions.
By Trevor Norman, Kate Anderson
In a recent decision by the High Court in England, an Islamic financial institution established in Kuwait successfully argued that a wakala contract it had entered into with a customer did not comply with Shari’a and because the institution was prevented by its constitutional documents from entering into agreements that did not comply with Shari’a, the contract was void.
By Nigel Pearmain, Stephen Brennan
Voisin partner Nigel Pearmain and English Solicitor Stephen Brennan look at the Jersey Courts’ recent clarification of certain important issues surrounding the position of agents acting in connection with the affairs of a trust.
By Jeremy Berchem
There was many a wry smile in Jersey when Alistair Darling announced yet another independent review of regulatory arrangements which he says allow offshore centres to "attract banking customers with lower taxes – without contributing to the UK exchequer".