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One of the most prominent items that has been on the news recently is the 'wildcat' strikes that are taking place across the country.
By Gemma Robertson
Valentine's Day is approaching again, and there might be more than a few employees waiting to see what the internal mail, as well as the post-man, might bring them.
By Gemma Herbertson, Robert Davies
You are likely to know by now that from 6 April 2009, the statutory dispute procedures will no longer apply. What you may not know, however, is that the statutory procedures do not disappear overnight: as different rules apply to disciplinary and grievance, the dispute procedures will continue to have an impact for several months to come.
By Andrew McConnell
In an attempt to recession-proof their business, most employers will have considered cost cutting measures. In the worst case scenario this means redundancies.
By Andrew McConnell, Robert Davies
Whistleblowing claims have been on the increase over the last couple of years. Perhaps recent high profile stories of employees ‘blowing the whistle’ have acted as a catalyst.
By Edward McHugh
Recent developments in the health and safety field create more reasons than ever to consider health and safety, and its potential area of corporate risk.