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By Tara Kaushik, Genna Yarkin
•California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill (AB) 398 into law on July 25, 2017. The legislation extends California's cap-and-trade program, which would have expired in 2020, until December 31, 2030.
By Andres Fernandez, Aymee Valdivia Granda
On July 25, 2017, OFAC issued a revised set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) further clarifying the scope and implementation process for the upcoming changes to the U.S.-Cuba policy...
By Richard Raysman, Elliot Magruder
For example, insurers have reported a "rapid rise" in cyber insurance policies following the June 2017 "Wannacry" ransomware attack.
By Christopher Nolan, K. Blythe Daly
Despite the alleged softening of the maritime industry since 2008-09, the volume of waterborne trade continues to rise.
By Meredith Hiller
A little over a week ago, the Trump administration finally documented President Trump's previously stated intention to withdraw United States support from the Paris climate change agreement...
By Wifredo Ferrer
The Department of Justice's (DOJ) Criminal Fraud Section announced a new partnership between DOJ's Healthcare Fraud Unit's Corporate Strike Force and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) prosecutors.
By Marc Antonecchia
The Southern District of New York has confirmed that when the trustee of a non-citizen aircraft trust brings suit in its own name, the citizenship of that trustee may be used to establish diversity...
By Tara Kaushik, Kayla Gebeck
•As the Trump Administration focuses on promoting American energy independence, it has made available new funding opportunities to deploy tribal energy projects on tribal lands.
By Martin Durkin, David Kully
On Aug. 7, 2017, The Wall Street Journal Reported That A Growing Number Of Brands Are Pushing Back On The Growth Of Large Online Retailers By Adopting And Enforcing MAP Policies, Among Other Strategies.
By Lawrence Hamilton II, Jeffrey R Seul
While most of the buzz about autonomous vehicles involves passenger vehicles, autonomous trucks soon will become a reality, too. Large driverless trucks! Although it sounds implausible, and perhaps frightening to some, it will happen.
By Eric Crusius
Governments Contracts attorney Eric Crusius discusses the major acquisition changes proposed in the House's version of the FY18 National Defense Authorization Act.
By Amanda G. Orcutt, Miriam McKendall
The accommodation of pregnancy by employers is a growing trend nationally, and many states have enacted similar statutes.
By Michael Court, Lara Covington, Jonathan Epstein, Ronald Oleynik, Lisa Prager
On July 20, 2017, the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced a $2 million civil monetary penalty against Exxon Mobil Corp...
By David Kully, Amy L. Fuentes
As we recently observed, the antitrust enforcement agencies believe they have the tools they need to catch people attempting to use modern technology to evade the century-old Sherman Act.
By Antonio Casares Carrillo, Lilia Palma Salas, Jorge Aviles-Cerezo
Las siguientes publicaciones fueron hechas por autoridades del gobierno federal durante Julio de 2017 en relación con el Sector de Telecomunicaciones de México.
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