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By Scott Bartlem, Clinton Jackson, Hayley Mitchell, Steven Jell
This case demonstrates what not to do as a trustee (or as a trustee's advisor), when paying a death benefit from a SMSF.
By Rocco Russo, Graham Roberts, Emma Cameron, Miranda Klibbe, Mali Karunaratne
The BIF Act consolidates the laws for security of payment in the Qld building and construction industry into one Act.
By Graham Roberts, Rocco Russo, Mali Karunaratne, Ben Williams, Emma Cameron, Miranda Klibbe
Recent case highlights that compliance with the terms of a bank guarantee is an essential precondition to payment on demand.
By Tony Park, Brady Cockburn, Kim Villis, Damian Hinkley, Damien Jarrett
Where a system of work is deficient (or a safe system is not enforced), contributory negligence is not readily found.
By Sam Adams
The wagering and sports betting market is a unique example of where Australian expertise can benefit the United States.
By Graham Roberts, Rocco Russo, Ben Williams, Mali Karunaratne, Emma Cameron
Recovering debts from a company as a director can be a complicated process that needs to be carefully considered.
By Fletch Heinemann, Sarah Lancaster, Murray Shume
GST is payable on taxable supplies and taxable importations, and in some cases, one transaction can constitute both.
By Fletch Heinemann, Murray Shume, Sarah Lancaster
Article discusses an important tax case for Australian expatriates living and working overseas.
By Scott Bartlem, Clinton Jackson, Hayley Mitchell, Steven Jell
A TRIS pension can now continue to reversionary beneficiaries even if they have not satisfied the conditions of release.
By Annie Smeaton
Employers should carefully consider if an employee's criminal history is relevant to inherent requirements of the role.
By Belinda Winter
The FWC found that the demotion of the employee amounted to a dismissal for the purposes of the Fair Work Act 2009.
By Annie Smeaton, Sandra Barry
An employer was ordered to pay compensation to a store supervisor after she was dismissed during her probationary period.
By Belinda Winter
Before embarking on any internal investigation, we recommend that an employer should consider these five top tips.
By Andrew Corkhill, Leanne O’Neill
Following recent geological report, more land has been declared open for exploration across Queensland.
By Genevieve Dee
The process of working out how to divide the assets on separation is the same, regardless of the wealth of the parties.
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