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By Belinda Winter, Annie Smeaton, Sandra Barry
The Court rejected the commonly applied position that an employee described as a casual is a casual for all purposes.
By Scott Bartlem, Clinton Jackson, Hayley Mitchell, Steven Jell
It is highly unlikely that a court would accept the pension as reversionary if the pension documents could not be found.
By Scott Bartlem, Hayley Mitchell, Steven Jell
ATO has the discretion to extend the period that beneficiaries are able to disregard any CGT implications beyond 2 years.
By Scott Bartlem, Clinton Jackson, Greg Cahill, Steven Jell, Hayley Mitchell
As trust splitting is likely to give rise to adverse tax consequences, it could be necessary to consider other options.
By Gillian Bristow
The HVNL regime imposes a primary duty on businesses in the chain and a due diligence obligation on executive officers.
By Scott Bartlem, Clinton Jackson, Hayley Mitchell, Steven Jell
These new rules need a fundamental review of estate plans, where there are funds in superannuation, particularly SMSFs.
By Scott Bartlem, Clinton Jackson, Hayley Mitchell, Steven Jell
Recent case provides clarity on the power of an attorney to make, renew or extend a BDBN on behalf of a member.
By Annie Smeaton
The Australian Human Rights Commission is conducting a National Inquiry into Sexual Harassment in Australian Workplaces.
By Annie Smeaton
This recent FWC decision about the scope of the Miscellaneous Award may broaden its coverage to include other employees.
By Belinda Winter, Sandra Barry
When considering redundancy payments, employers must carefully check the wording in any applicable enterprise agreements.
By Belinda Winter
The FWC found that the office manager persisted with a 'doomed to fail' unfair dismissal application in a vexatious bid.
By Annie Smeaton, Sandra Barry
The Fair Work Commission has provided five days of unpaid leave for domestic and family violence in all modern awards.
By Belinda Winter
Video explaining importance of following the correct processes when dismissing employees.
By Scott Bartlem, Clinton Jackson
The investment did not breach the sole purpose test as the rental arrangement was the same as with arm's-length tenants.
By Fletch Heinemann, Sarah Lancaster, Murray Shume
The ATO recently published a draft 'property and construction website guidance' and is seeking industry consultation.
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