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By Steve Tooze, Jason Bennetto
Everything is going so well. The sun’s shining, the train’s on time and you’ve got a seat. Your PA has called to say that your nightmare 10.30 meeting has been put off for a month.
By Jason Bennetto, Steve Tooze
Why so many press releases get deleted, rather than published. The secrets of getting you - and your firm - into print.
By Jason Bennetto, Steve Tooze
It’s rare that lawyers are accused of being shy. But it often feels like the only explanation for the way in which they sabotage their chances of valuable mainstream publicity. Seminars and conferences are a perfect case in point.
By Jason Bennetto, Steve Tooze
Within the national press, legal and financial firms are notorious for failing to use their first-class expertise and involvement in newsworthy stories and controversial cases to achieve the public profile they merit.