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By Petek Varol
Bu kanun ile birlikte ticari işletmelerdeki teslimsiz taşınır rehni bakımından Türk Medeni Kanunu'ndaki taşınmaz rehnine benzer uygulamalar öngörülmüştür.
By Petek Varol
There are some similar implementations between immovable pledges in the Turkish Civil Code and non-delivery movable pledges in commercial transactions.
By Gokce Mutlu, Deniz Torun
Türkiye, Amerika tarafından verilen "Yeşil Kart"a benzeyen yeni göçmenlik rejimini Turkuaz Kart ismi altında yabancılar için uygulamaya koymuştur.
By Gokce Mutlu, Deniz Torun
Once the application is complete in accordance with the above-mentioned criterion, Turquoise Card will be initially granted provided that first three years are transition period.
Turkey has introduced a new immigration regime for foreigners similar to ‘Green Card' issued by U.S., titled ‘Turquoise Card'.
By Ali Yurtsever, Efe Can Akıncı
Whereas Articles 5 and 6 of the Law restricts the processing of personal data and private personal data without the express consent of the data provider.
By Ali Yurtsever
Turkey, a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), has implemented several trade defence instruments, all of which are currently enforced, in compliance with WTO rules and national legislation.
By Ali Yurtsever
The laws and regulations governing the insurance and reinsurance practices in Turkey are quite complex, since the principles and provisions governing the insurance and reinsurance practices are set forth at different laws...
By Ali Yurtsever
In accordance with the Article 30 of the Law, there are four (4) main types of residence permits, depending on the purpose of the visit of the foreign person...
By Sofian Bianca
The rules and procedures governing corporate investments, including incorporation of capital and personal companies are governed by the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102 dated January 13, 2011.
By Sofian Bianca
As the world seems to develop faster and faster, a new gadget has been placed to the disposal of the foreigners and non-resident persons in Estonia, namely the digital identity card also known as e-residency.
By Sofian Bianca
Although not all of them are stipulated by the laws, grounds for divorce are multiplying at many jurisdictions given the fact that divorces are becoming more common in educated societies.
By Ayça Bayburan
Foreigners are allowed to be employed as a member of the academic staff and as a teacher within Turkish schools, however, they are required to obtain a work permit.
By Bilge Zeynep Yilmaz
The law regulating electronic money and electronic payments in Turkey, namely the Law on Payment and Security Settlement Systems, Payment Services and Electronic Money Institutions No. 6493 entered into force as of June 27, 2013 following publication at the Official Legal Journal dated June 27, 2013 and No. 28690
By Camille Balfroid
The domain names are parts of a larger system that is a hierarchical distributed naming system for computers, services, or any resource connected to internet or a private network.
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