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By Helen Langworthy, Shelina Vaiya
The Residence Nil Rate Band (RNRB) came into effect on 6 April 2017. This is an Inheritance Tax allowance which will be available in addition to the standard Nil Rate Band, currently £325,000...
By Shelina Vaiya
It is difficult to comprehend that you would ever lose the ability to manage your own affairs but mental and physical incapacity can happen to anyone at any time.
By Bishop & Sewell
One might think that the freedom of a person to dispose of his or her assets by Will is, or ought to be, sacrosanct.
By Bishop & Sewell
While a request for a divorce may come as a shock, most people come to the realisation that if their spouse considers that the marriage is over then, perhaps after attending marriage counselling, there is no point fighting the inevitable.
By Bishop & Sewell
Inheritance Tax And The Family Income – 5 Things You Should Know
By Bishop & Sewell
Leasehold experts Stuart Merrison, Chris Macartney and Mark Chick were in Hackney on Monday meeting leaseholders and answering questions about service charges, lease extension and freehold matters.
By Bishop & Sewell
The Government has today published its White Paper on housing – see the paper entitled ‘Fixing our Broken Housing Market':
By Andrew Humphrey
New rights, new responsibilities and new obligations are coming into force with the new Data Protection Rules due in May 2018.
By Bishop & Sewell
Running a successful private residents' association is certainly not without its share of difficulties.
By Karen Bright
The recent high court case of Eatherley-v-London Borough of Camden and Another at the end of 2016 has made changes about whether planning permission is required for residential basement developments.
By Helen Langworthy
The Government will shortly be introducing changes to the rules on Inheritance Tax on any UK residential property held by those domiciled outside the UK, where such assets are held through a non-UK company.
By Mark Chick
Last year the government consulted on the introduction of fees for tribunal matters relating to enfranchisement and members of the firm were involved in these discussions.
By Andrew Humphrey
Parliament now has to vote on Brexit. How will recent Brexit developments affect your business?
By Julienne Coffey, Nicholas Potter
The Energy Efficient Regulations 2015 will come into force on 1 April 2018.
By Andrew Kavanagh
On 6 April 2016 the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 came into force.