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By Maree Skinner, Mei-Lim Smith
The exploitation of vulnerable workers in Australia has become a hot topic in recent months.
By Fiona David
Owners of commercial buildings should assess their properties to see if they need to comply with the updated regime.
By Lucy Hartland
Care must be exercised when drafting updates to customers about anticipated or current proceedings relating to IP rights.
By Vanessa Thompson, Nell Van Weerdenburg
A draft guideline for issuing EPOs under the new 'chain of responsibility' laws has been released for public comment.
By Marie Feltham
The changes will see current pathways for medical device registration remain, and three new pathways will also be added.
By David Carter
Small businesses will benefit from the unfair contract terms protection that has been afforded to consumers since 2010.
By Mark Baker-Jones, Juanita Rayson, Vanessa Thompson, Nell Van Weerdenburg
There is an increasing focus on the relevance of climate change risks to a director's duty of care and diligence.
By Leonard Lozina, Clare Kerley
An enterprise agreement may be terminated in one of two ways – by the parties' agreement, or by application to the FWC.
By Juanita Rayson, Michelle Hyams
Entities considering an IPO, or who are on the cusp of an IPO. should be aware of the updated ASX listing requirements.
By Vanessa Thompson, Nell Van Weerdenburg
The Paris Climate Change Agreement has entered into force, and other town planning & environment issues in Queensland.
By Mark Addison
The article explains benefits of ADR for financiers, enforcing claims or managing disputes from commercial negotiations.
By Vanessa Thompson
Climate change is a focus of the new draft South East Queensland Regional Plan, and other planning issues in Queensland.
By Alisa Kiley, Rachel McAdoo
Retail landlords and tenants in Queensland should ensure they understand how any leases are impacted by the new changes
By Vanessa Thompson, Nell Van Weerdenburg
The Queensland Government sought advice from the private sector about advancing a low carbon future, and other issues?
By Fay Calderone
Case law clearly demonstrates that a workplace extends beyond the physical boundaries of an employer's place of business.
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