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By Clare Kerley, Fay Calderone
Employers should be aware of this decision so as to manage casual to permanent conversion requests when the time comes.
By Brigitte Challis, Gary Koning
This NSW Court reaffirmed the circumstances in which a mortgagee can be restrained from exercising its power of sale.
By Mei-Lim Smith, Maree Skinner
The changes affect minimum wages, unfair dismissal, breaches of the Fair Work Act and superannuation contributions.
By Joseph Ip, Bill Burrough
Both landlords and tenants of premises in Victoria should be aware of the expanded scope of dispute resolution services.
By Lis Boyce
Companies should consider these key issues in advance, to help improve the prospects of the application being approved.
By Stuart Green
If you value your brand and truly want it to thrive, you really should protect it with a trade mark registration.
By Fay Calderone
The FWC issued interim orders which prevented the employer from continuing until the worker's application was finalised.
By Steven Askew
The decision relates specifically to a long-term farm lease, but lessons learned are applicable to any commercial lease.
By Penny Murray
The NSW Government has opened a new round of consultation on the precise shape that some of these reforms should take.
By Laura Holmes
On 11 May 2017, Federal Parliament passed the Personal Property Securities Amendment (PPS Leases) Bill 2017.
By Clare Kerley, Maree Skinner
The Fair Work Ombudsman has prosecuted an accounting firm for its role in a client's breach of the Fair Work Act.
By Penelope Hobart
This was a win for copyright owners and exclusive licensees protecting rights from pirate websites outside Australia.
By Lucy Hartland, Lis Boyce
These changes reflect a new approach to health policy, with more collaboration between Government and key stakeholders.
By Danielle Kuti
Even if one co-guarantor has more culpability for the debt, the Court may not be able to adjust obligations accordingly.
By Lis Boyce
This case is a reminder of the role of the Takeovers Panel in other matters that could affect the control of a company.
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