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By Marie Feltham
The tide of regulation is sweeping across cybersecurity, one of the biggest risk issues faced by businesses today.
By Lucy Hartland, Catherine Boxhall, Scott Sloan
This decision highlights the importance of appropriate legal documentation when independent contractors are engaged.
By Emma Hodgman, Michael Goss, Peter Luke
What amounts to a bank's 'best endeavours' to try to help is likely to depend on the objective facts of each case.
By Maree Skinner, Fay Calderone, Leonard Lozina
Key changes affecting Australian workplaces have recently taken effect and another round of reforms are in the pipeline.
By Marie Feltham
The decision did not break new ground about whether metadata is personal information, but it did provide some guidance.
By Penny Murray
The reforms aim to more closely control, monitor and enforce compliance with planning laws and development approvals.
By Hayley Upton, Kelli Stallard
Australian businesses need to understand the 'no tolerance' policy on asbestos and implement risk management practices.
By John Stragalinos, John Heard
This case was a useful summary of when the courts are likely to grant leave to proceed against a company in liquidation.
By Fay Calderone
The approach of the Fair Work Commission to dismissals for abusing sick leave entitlements will vary from case to case.
By Stuart Green
Arguing that trade marks are 'deceptively similar' is one of the grounds most frequently used by infringement claims.
By Stuart Green
The Government indicated that it will consider the final report's recommendations and undertake further consultation.
By Terry Killian, Vanessa Price
Multiple parties may share responsibility when negative events impact a worker even outside the limits of the workplace.
By Emma Hodgman
This case serves as an important reminder to carefully check the accuracy of security instruments before accepting them.
By Lucy Hartland
The decision shows how costs are apportioned by an issue-based approach, if the parties have each enjoyed some success.
By Stuart Green, Teresa Elmey
New Zealand is leading the way for Australia in the ongoing battle against unsolicited invoices and trade mark scammers.
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