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By Benjamin Shaw, Shael Geffen
BEAR is the latest in a long line of regulatory changes to impact the banking industry since the global financial crisis
By Juanita Rayson, Rhett McPhie
ASX is drafting further guidelines regarding continuous disclosure in the context of the new safe harbour provisions.
By Joanne Hardwick, Shael Geffen
Failure to comply with an order, without a reasonable excuse, could result in serious penalties or imprisonment.
By Scott Guthrie
This article notes the application of the new PPSA rules, and how the courts interpret the departure from previous law.
By Bill Burrough
Tenants should not take it for granted that the landlord will easily consent to a proposed assignment of the lease.
By Maree Skinner
With an increasing number of contract workers, there are many issues for employers to consider in this 'gig economy' era.
By Mark Addison
Club directors should not try to appoint an administrator to a registered club in NSW over a Christmas holiday period.
By Maddy Yates
When a lease has an error, the parties may be able to rely on the doctrine of rectification for that error to be fixed.
By Peppy Mitchell
If your business will be impacted by the new regime, you should ensure you understand and plan for your new obligations.
By John Reen, Geoff Cairns, Kamini Newton
Warranty & indemnity (W&I) insurance has become a key ingredient in M&A transactions but it may still be foreign to some.
By Masi Zaki
When the reforms come into effect in 2018, there will be major restrictions on the enforceability of ipso facto clauses.
By Benjamin Shaw, Morgan Stack
This article considers a recent Victorian decision concerning a challenge to a charge clause in a commercial agreement.
By Maree Skinner
Employers must ensure contractors are engaged appropriately to avoid the risk of claims from workers or by regulators.
By Scott Guthrie
This article examines how the PPSA rules should be applied, and how much they represent a departure from previous law.
By Bill Burrough
Both landlords and tenants should pay close attention to the terms of the outgoings provisions when negotiating a lease.
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