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By Aaron Sherriff
New class exemptions to the Overseas Investment Act 2005 have been introduced and came into force on 1 February 2017.
By Aaron Sherriff
The Act allows the parties to the construction contract to agree on express terms for payment of the construction work.
By Aaron Sherriff
This earthquake judgment considers issues such as construction methods, exemplary damages and the duty of good faith.
By Aaron Sherriff
By settling its claims against Vero Insurance, Prattley abandoned any entitlement to go back to Vero for more money.
By Aaron Sherriff
This Act applies to all contracts relating to either commercial or residential construction work in New Zealand.
By Aaron Sherriff
The Government announced changing the law to make it easier for women to file pay equity claims with their employers,.
The new Trusts legislation merely aims to restate the existing law, while providing clarity and updating the language.
By Jonathan Scragg
This decision involving the Royal Hotel should alert licensees that the three strikes provisions of the Act are in force.
By Malcolm Harrington
Issues for earthquake-affected businesses include insurance, physical damage to properties and employment issues.
The article provides guidance for directors assisting owners, managers and shareholders with succession planning in SMEs.
By Katrina Hammon
The 7-Eleven case in Australia made international headlines in relation to the exploitation of workers by franchisees.
By Katrina Hammon
While these features are not yet available in New Zealand, it is expected to only be a matter of time before they arrive.
By Katrina Hammon
Retailers must be wary of representations made in New Zealand about products, and must meet all standards required.
By Katrina Hammon
Online marketplaces or auction sites, such as Ebay and Trade Me, see millions of transactions every year.
The NZ Parliament has passed a package of new legislation to modernise the New Zealand court system from 1 March 2017.
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