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Duncan Cotterill
By Sarah Townsend
Schools are required to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, a work environment that is without risks to safety.
By Jonathan Scragg
Care should be taken in the drafting of policies to ensure that the appropriate trigger for aggregation has been adopted.
By James Murphy, Nadine Prutton
This article identifies some key areas where real value can be added to both new and existing unit title developments.
By Jonathan Scragg, Rob Merkin
This judgment is important for anyone considering whether a claim should be brought against an insurer or a broker.
By Brian Nathan
Article discusses amendments to ERA and comments that the balance will shift towards greater employee and union rights.
By Jonathan Scragg
Key issues were whether the trees were "unauthorised goods" and if the seizure and containment orders were reasonable.
By Guy Smith
Article discusses the rights of governments to access securely held personal information of your customers.
By Aaron Sherriff
One of the main benefits of D&O insurance is the cover for defence costs in civil, criminal and regulatory proceedings.
By Brian Nathan
From 1 April 2019, this Act will give employees who are affected by domestic violence new entitlements, leave and rights.
By Oliver Roberts
This update contains more detail on how the changes will impact on the forestry sector.
By Ewan Chapman
Discussion of recent HC decisions on Plan Change 5 to the Canterbury Land and Water Regional Plan.
By Oliver Roberts
The main focus of the Overseas Investment Amendment Bill is to bring residential land within the Overseas Investment Act.
By Oliver Roberts
This update contains detail on how these overseas investment changes will impact on the property development sector.
By Oliver Roberts
How the new OIO laws will impact the forestry sector.
By Oliver Roberts
New OIO laws bring changes for residential land, forestry and horticulture.
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