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By Aaron Sherriff
This case discusses the question of exactly when cover is triggered under a "claims made and notified" liability policy.
By Aaron Sherriff
The Government has introduced a new Privacy Bill to replace the existing act with one more suited to our digital world.
By Brian Nathan
When employees are expected to attend morning meetings before work each day, they are entitled to be paid for this time.
By Brian Nathan
It may be difficult to determine when employees are entitled to an alternative day off for working on a public holiday.
By Brian Nathan
Availability provisions have typically been used in retail sectors where a degree of flexibility is needed in rostering.
By Brian Nathan
With the change in NZ Government, the article is a summary of employment law changes most relevant to the retail sector.
By Ewan Chapman
These cases send a message to councils that they must ensure that building processes comply with current requirements.
By Ewan Chapman
Results from the monitoring show no serious public health risk from airborne dust, but nuisance dust levels may exist.
By Ewan Chapman
The Standards aim for consistency in planning documents, but this approach may not appreciate differences between regions.
By Ewan Chapman
This debate over the herbicide glyphosate in the US and the EU is of interest to many in the NZ agricultural industry.
By Ewan Chapman
The aim of the AEJ approach is to get the offender and those concerned by the environmental harm involved in the process.
By Aaron Sherriff
Vendors and agents should note the current REA guidance and take care when commenting on methamphetamine test results.
By Oliver Roberts
This Amendment Bill aims to create a housing market with prices shaped by, and make homes more affordable for, NZ buyers.
By Aaron Sherriff
There could be some confusion between the signalled government policy, the applicable standards, and industry practice.
By Mark Lawlor
Employers should ensure that their policies and/or information sheets are updated to reflect these increases.
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