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By Willie Hamilton
The DFSNZ decisions are a reminder for people involved in sports, of dangers associated with buying supplements online.
By Oliver Roberts
The Bill will ensure that overseas persons will not be able to buy existing houses or other pieces of residential land.
By Brian Nathan
Before the Christmas leave period, NZ employers should ensure they are meeting their obligations under the Holidays Act.
By Sarah Townsend
All coalition parties favour a policy shift towards greater employee rights, so employers should be prepared for change.
By Ayleath Foote
The bill will clarify and modernise the law, and place obligations on trustees to disclose information to beneficiaries.
By Ewan Chapman
The new Canterbury Air Regional Plan makes significant changes to the rules relating to home heating. .
By Chris Linton
Technology projects, and the complexity around successfully implementing major technology projects continue to feature.
By Sarah Watson
Should the rural zone be a working environment or is there room to accommodate an increase in residential lifestylers?
By Katherine Forward
The new provisions to the Mackenzie District Plan (MDP) promote the protection of the outstanding natural landscape.
By Oliver Roberts, Phoebe Davies
The Letter sets out Government's general policy approach and the importance to be placed on certain factors by the OIO.
By Andrew Oh
As well as particular issues to review, the Tax Working Group has a broad mandate to look at New Zealand's tax system.
By Brian Nathan
Check that you comply with the new NZ rules for managing hazardous substances in the workplace.
By Jonathan Scragg
The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 has significantly reformed prosecutions in New Zealand's health and safety regime.
By Duncan McGill, Joanna Stafford
This decision certainly provides a new tool for defendants and third parties facing broad and imprecise pleadings.
By Jonathan Scragg
The placement of election hoardings is regulated on a local level, and may also be impacted by the terms of the lease.
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