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By Brian Nathan
There is yet to be a prosecution under New Zealand's HSWA, but section 34 HSWA mirrors s46 of the Australian legislation.
By Jonathan Scragg
This update aims to alert clients and to suggest ways to protect their businesses in relation to these ransomware events.
By Chris Linton, Helen Scott
We discuss some of the risks and challenges posed by smart contracts, blockchain and DLT.
By Chris Linton
Lawyers should be aware of smart contracts, blockchain, distributed ledger technology and the underpinning technology.
By Aaron Sherriff
This new retention scheme is designed to safeguard retention money in the event of insolvency of the holding party.
By Ayleath Foote
Trustees are often confronted with requests for information from beneficiaries concerning the administration of a trust.
By Aaron Sherriff
Mr Myall was underinsured, as the insurance policy was based on a floor area of about 80 per cent of the actual area.
By Jonathan Forsey
Yahoo! was fined for contempt of court, for an online news article which caused a Melbourne murder trial to be aborted.
By Aaron Sherriff
The Act establishes a complete process for the adjudication of a dispute between the parties to a construction contract.
By Aaron Sherriff
New class exemptions to the Overseas Investment Act 2005 have been introduced and came into force on 1 February 2017.
By Aaron Sherriff
The Act allows the parties to the construction contract to agree on express terms for payment of the construction work.
By Aaron Sherriff
This earthquake judgment considers issues such as construction methods, exemplary damages and the duty of good faith.
By Aaron Sherriff
By settling its claims against Vero Insurance, Prattley abandoned any entitlement to go back to Vero for more money.
By Aaron Sherriff
This Act applies to all contracts relating to either commercial or residential construction work in New Zealand.
By Aaron Sherriff
The Government announced changing the law to make it easier for women to file pay equity claims with their employers,.
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