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By Michael Zisa
In a recent United States District Court for the District of Maryland decision, U.S. ex rel. Birckhead Electric, Inc. v. James W. Ancel, Inc...
By Alan Winkler
A number of years ago in Bunkoff General Contractors, Inc. v. Dunham Electric, Inc. (2002), a New York appellate court recognized the right of a general contractor to assert a claim against a subcontractor for refusing to honor its bid.
By Gregory Begg
Before the current market crisis, many defined benefit plans lacked sufficient assets to pay guaranteed retirement benefits. With the events of the past several weeks, losses in those plans have grown deeper, and still more plans have fallen into distress.
By Ralf Rodriguez
In today's challenging construction market, contractors and developers must be prepared to handle bankruptcy law issues that may arise during the course of their construction projects.
By Gary Moorefield
There are an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in America, making up about 5 percent of the workforce. According to the Pew Hispanic Center, illegal immigrants constitute 14 percent of construction workers.
By Richard Schwartz
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has painted a pessimistic picture for the U.S. economy for the remainder of this year and into 2009.
By William Thompson, Jr.
In our December 2007 Client Alert, Federal Regulations Now Require All Government Contractors to Have a Comprehensive Compliance Program.
By William Thompson, Jr.
On June 9, 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision in Allison Engine Co. v. United States, that limits – but does not eliminate - the circumstances in which a contractor or subcontractor on a federally funded project may be liable under the federal False Claims Act ("FCA")
By Paul Monte, Alvin Goldstein
Many contractors on New York City construction projects have mistakenly come to believe that the "no-damage-for-delay" clause in their contract creates an absolute bar to recovery of delay damages.
By Stephen Reisman, Seth Rubinson, Neal Sklar
This is an update to our January 2008 Client Alert, informing you about two important cases decided by the Florida Supreme Court.
By Lisa Dal Gallo
Advancements in technology, fueled by long held aspirations for efficiency, are transforming the way in which we build.
By Michael Branca
In June 2007, the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineers International (AACE) published its Recommended Practice on Forensic Schedule Analysis (RPFSA).
By Matt Coglianese
Hopefully, this is simply a rhetorical question. As the reality of global warming, or climate change, sinks in, it is obvious that many aspects of the global economy, if not fueled by green, will have green components.
By Tom Thompson
Contractor compliance programs are now mandatory.
By Alan Winkler
Everyone in construction knows that coordination is essential to a successful project, such as among architectural, MEP and structural drawings, different trades working in the same area and between materials delivery and installation on the job.