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By Jonathan Gibson
From 1 October 2008 directors will have a duty to avoid a situation in which they have, or may have, a conflict of interest with the interests of the company.
By Jonathan Gibson
The Financial Reporting Council has announced changes to the Combined Code which will apply to accounting periods for public companies listed on the London Stock Exchange beginning on or after 29 June 2008.
By Jonathan Gibson
Table A of the Companies Act 1985 allowed for the chairman at a general meeting to have a casting vote in the event of an equality of votes on either a show of hands or a poll.
By Darryl Evans
Age discrimination law is now in force, completing the implementation of the EU Equality Directive, one of the major pieces of EU legislation in the last five years. Information and consultation laws now exist across Europe. TUPE, also based in EU law, has been updated. So what does Brussels have in store for us next?