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By Sunil Tyagi, Anu Chowdhry
India's total revenue potential for electronic medical devices is estimated at $ 6.4 billion for 2020.
By Vivek Kohli, Anu Chowdhry
Significant changes have recently been made to the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) regime governing India's cash-starved realty sector, which has been witnessing declining FDI inflows.
By Sunil Tyagi, Santosh Singh, Anu Chowdhry
The demand for land reforms recently reached fever pitch in October 2012, when the Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) entered into a 10-point agreement on land reforms with members of Jan Satyagraha...
By Sunil Tyagi
Gifting of immovable property is a popular mode of transferring the ownership and possession of one's property in favour of another without any consideration or money.
By Sunil Tyagi, Anu Chowdhry
Under the provisions of Transfer of Property Act, 1882 ('TPA'), one of the grounds for termination of a lease is by efflux of time.
By Sunil Tyagi, Jayshree Navin Chandra
In a dynamic economic climate, sudden and unexpected change in the ownership and management of a business is a cause for concern for both internal and external stakeholders.
By Sunil Tyagi, Jayshree Navin Chandra
Foreign Investment comprises of investment in capital and investment through borrowings.
By Sunil Tyagi, Anu Chowdhry
In its Cabinet Note in December, 2014, the Government of India proposed significant amendments to the Consolidated Foreign Direct Investment Policy, 2014 (''FDI Policy'') with respect to India's medical device industry.