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By E. Jason Tremblay
In light of the huge increase in wage and hour litigation under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and related state law, employers must clearly outline policies addressing wage and hour issues...
By E. Jason Tremblay
Following up on my last article regarding whether a company should maintain an employee handbook, the next important question to answer is what provisions are essential to maintain in a handbook.
By E. Jason Tremblay
Through an employee handbook, employers notify employees about the legal rights and obligations they both have in the employment relationship.
By Ronald R. Fieldstone
USCIS recently published a statistics report on the impact of the EB-5 Program for the fiscal years 2012 and 2013.
By Arnstein & Lehr LLP
Now that the USCIS has released amendments to its Policy Manual regarding the required "sustainment period" for EB-5 investors to retain their investments "at risk,"
By Ronald R. Fieldstone
Following the December 9, 2016 extension of the EB-5 Regional Center Program until April 28, 2017, there have been additional developments from an administrative, legislative and practical standpoint.
We acknowledge that this is an evolving issue and that new developments may occur that require changes in these proposed standards and guidelines.
By Ronald R. Fieldstone
It is common knowledge the EB-5 investor program received extensions through September 30, 2017.
By Ronald R. Fieldstone
Many large agents are still on the sidelines waiting for new legislation to pass in order to have more certainty as to proceeding with the EB-5 Program.
By Ronald R. Fieldstone
A very interesting letter from Senator Grassley to the Securities and Exchange Commission and U.S. Department of Homeland Security indicates he is tackling the Kushner EB-5 project marketing approach.
By Ronald R. Fieldstone
It seems as though the EB-5 Program is a moving target. First, we received notification in August of 2015 that loans could be repaid before I-829 final adjudication after the required jobs have been created ...
By Ronald R. Fieldstone
The phenomenon of escalating home buying and home prices continues in China. According to recent publications, the real estate sector now accounts for one-third of China's GDP compared to 10% just a decade ago.
By E. Jason Tremblay
Since virtually all employment disputes relate in some way to what documents are kept in an employee's personnel file, it is crucial that employers properly maintain employee personnel files.
By Ronald R. Fieldstone
In the early afternoon of Friday, May 26th, IIUSA circulated its weekly report indicating the all-time high processing times, as stated below:
By Gary L. Brown
During the 2015 regular legislative session, the Florida Legislature made several key revisions to Chapter 558 - Florida's Construction Defect Statute.