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By W. Michael G. Osborne
The FTC and the European Commission also had concerns about the market for steerable sheaths.
By Annie Tayyab
The federal government has finally issued long-awaited Guidelines on the National Security Review of Investments, which clarify its approach to the national security review regime...
By Meredith Hayward
The Supreme Court ordered Scotiabank to disclose the mortgage discharge statement to RBC on two separate bases.
By Daphne Hooper
Moose Knuckles has agreed to clarify that some of its parkas are made with both Canadian and imported components, in accordance with the Bureau's "Product of Canada" and "Made in Canada" Enforcement Guidelines . . .
By Kyle Taylor
It made no shipments to British Columbia.
By Wendy Sun
Securities market data provides trading-related information for publicly listed securities and allows market participants to make informed investment decisions.
By W. Michael G. Osborne
Michael Osborne's original article Competition Act remedies not for the faint of heart was published in the October issue of the Canadian Bar Association's magazine, The National.
By Meredith Hayward
Ontario remains an arbitration-friendly jurisdiction, the Ontario Court of Appeal has confirmed in its recent decision in Haas v. Gunasekaram
By Fiona Campbell
Construction Benvas Inc. was paid $25,000 by the winning bidder, CIV-BEC Inc., for unlawfully agreeing not to submit a bid for the infrastructure repair project on Courville St.
By W. Michael G. Osborne
Superior Court judges can sit outside their home provinces, the Supreme Court held today. This decision will facilitate the management of national class actions and other inter-provincial litigation in Canada.
By W. Michael G. Osborne
Used car listing website operator CarGurus Inc.'s attempt to force rival Trader Corporation to supply it with vehicle listing data has encountered a dead end as the Competition Tribunal denied it leave to commence a private application under several provisions of the Competition Act.
By Wendy Sun
The Bureau claimed that VAA has repeatedly refused to permit anyone to provide in-flight catering service at the Vancouver International Airport, other than the two existing firms...
By David N. Vaillancourt
The insurers denied coverage based on the faulty workmanship exclusion: they argued cost of replacing the windows was the cost of making good faulty workmanship.
By Wendy Sun
The Competition Bureau has released a template for merger consent agreements, with the intention of providing more transparency and predictability to businesses engaged in the merger review process.
By Daphne Hooper
The use of disclaimers in advertising raises unique competition law issues.
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