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Duane Morris LLP
By Oderah C. Nwaeze, Mackenzie M. Wrobel
Once a complaint has been filed, defendants have a finite period of time to decide what to do next.
By Eric Sinrod
Over the past couple years, we have heard a lot about Russian efforts on the internet to influence the 2016 presidential election.
By David S. Edmonds
In practice, the tour requirement receives varied compliance.
By Thomas Newman, Steven Ahmuty,Jr.
Finally, the court further conditionally reduced the punitive award for excessiveness to the sum of $500,000, which matched the aggregate compensatory award. Id. at 80.
By Giles T. Cooper
By Dan Terzian
Want to keep your phone secure from the government? Better use a password and not a fingerprint. Just two weeks ago, the United States District Court for the District of Columbia (2018 WL 3155596) ruled...
By Brian Goldstein
As we reported previously, by virtue of actions taken in retaliation to certain unfair trade practices, policies and acts of the Government of China, the United States has imposed certain ad valorem tariffs ...
By Paul Y. Liu
Software is eating the biotechnology world. Managers in the traditional biotechnology sector may not be familiar with open source software and related compliance issues, but these issues are bound to come up ...
By Seth Goldberg
Let's say ABC LLC applied for and was granted permits to grow, process and dispense cannabis pursuant to its state's medical marijuana regulations.
By Stephen Honig
This is a shallow dive in a deep pool. What is the digital economy? What does it mean for companies that must operate within it? What does counsel need to know in order to advise...
By Rudolph Di Massa, Jr.,, Catherine Heitzenrater
In a recent decision out of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Virginia, a court analyzed the effect of a setoff effectuated between two governmental units in the 90 days...
By Bronwyn Roberts
On June 28, 2018, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed into law An Act Relative to Minimum Wage, Paid Family Medical Leave, and the Sales Tax Holiday.
By James Redeker, Jennifer O’Sullivan
A divided U.S. Supreme Court held that the State of Illinois' requirement that its public employees pay union fees as a condition of employment violates the First Amendment.
By Patricia Hofstra
We're seeing a substantial increase in payer audits and false claims causes of action based on allegations that procedures and charges were not medically necessary.
By Joseph Pangaro
I will never forget an interaction I saw when I worked as a supply chain analyst some years ago.
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