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By Gözde Esen Sakar
A Limited Liability Company is one of the company types regulated by the Turkish Commercial Code.
By Gözde Esen Sakar
The new Turkish Commercial Code has brought changes to how limited liability companies and joint stock companies are governed in Turkey.
By Gözde Esen Sakar, David Clark
Turkey is a seismic region rich in minerals that is considered underexplored for a number of important resources, such as gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, chrome and nickel amongst others.
By Onur Küçük
The New Turkish Commercial Code no. 6102 (the ‘’New Code") was adopted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly on 13thJanuary 2011 and came into force on 1stJune 2012.
By Gözde Esen Sakar
Mining is a very interesting and active sector in Turkey, with earn in style agreements being one of the core transaction types we enjoy handling.
By Maria Lianides Çelebi
Historically, obtaining work permits in Turkey meant adjudication periods of three to nine months, requests for documents without explanation, and a lack of transparency for the requirements by the Work Permit Directorate (Directorate).
By Bener Law Office
Cheque Law numbered 5941 was published in the Official Gazette dated December 20, 2009, numbered 27438 ("2009 Cheque Law").
By Gözde Esen Sakar
Limited Liability Companies (LLC) and Joint Stock Companies (JSC) are the common choices for setting up a business in Turkey.
By Nilay Celebi
The Board of Directors (“BoD”) of a joint stock company has been one of the most significant areas in the commercial environment.
By Ali Kosklu
In September 2008, it was announced that Lehman Brothers Investment Bank was filing for bankruptcy after the Federal Reserve Bank turned down its request to provide financial support to the once giant financial institution.
By Onur Kordel
In April 2007, the Turkish government announced its plans to privatize the operations of several bridges and stretches of highway throughout the country.
By Funda Ozsel, Pinar Aybek
The provisions of Turkish Law relating to real estate acquisition by foreign capital companies have been significantly amended during this legislative year.
By Paul Wouters
To earn money is commendable for any Muslim. It enables one to support themself, their family and loved ones. It also allows one to pay the zakah (welfare contribution) and sadakah (charity).
By Onur Kordel
There are numerous ways in which the private sector may invest in public infrastructure.
By Bener Law Office
The considerable increase of foreign investors into the market, particularly in the form of joint ventures has played a significant role in the reform and liberalization of the laws governing foreign investors as part of Turkey’s economic program adopted after 2001.