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By Rupert Lee-Browne
"It is a brutal development. It will be discussed, but issues on exchange rates are to be discussed behind closed doors." Hans Eichel, the German Finance minister expresses his concern over the ever increasing value of the euro. However, the actions of European officials seem to be the mirror opposite of their American counterparts.
By Rupert Lee-Browne
In the markets, 2004 will be remembered for oil prices shooting through $50 a barrel and the extraordinary weakness in the U.S dollar. We have seen the pound euro rate go through some wild fluctuations - anywhere from 1.41 to 1.52 - and the year has been filled with economic uncertainties which is the one thing markets dislike.
By Rupert Lee-Browne
We have now had over six years of the euro to assess the effects of a unified currency. The question we are now in a position to ask is – is it working as planned and what would happen if the UK was to join in the party?