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By Carlos Alfaro, Pedro Mazer
On November 16, 2016, Argentine government has sent to Congress a bill for the reform of Law No. 26,831 as amended (the "Capital Markets Law").
By Alfaro -Abogados
It is a pilot project for the production of uranium in Cerro Solo, a deposit located in the center of Chubut, which according to the Mining Code belongs to the National Commission of Atomic Energy.
By Carlos Alfaro
Due to the large quantity of offers that were tendered in the first round of the so called Renovar Plan, the administration is currently analyzing the launching of the second round.
By Carlos Alfaro
Besides being associated with YPF in Loma Campana, Chevron also holds El Trapial, a mature reservoir that became to be, at the beginning of the last decade, the second largest oil deposit in the country.
By Carlos Alfaro
.The Argentine Government (through its Secretariat of Finance) and the Argentine Securities and Exchange Commission are working on a bill to amend the Capital Markets Law...
By Carlos Alfaro
Federal Judge Miguel Vaca Narvaja granted an injunction requested by the APYME in Córdoba to be exempt from the hikes issued by President Mauricio Macri's Cambiemos administration and implemented by Energy Minister Juan José Aranguren.
By Pedro Mazer
Argentine labs are planning to initiate court actions against a resolution of the Instituto Nacional de la Propiedad Industrial ("INPI"), which is the agency in charge of trademarks and patents.
By Carlos Alfaro
The government will need next year to assume a net debt by about $38 Billion dollars. That is the conclusion of the 2017 draft budget presented yesterday by the Minister of Finance...
By Alfaro -Abogados
The Argentine Constitution contemplates many principles against gender discrimination, and the country has signed several treaties related women rights like The Nairobi Strategies for Empowering Women of 1985, or the Beijing Declaration adopted by the UN at the Fourth World Conference on Women on September 1995.
By Alfaro -Abogados
With the recession affecting the economy, the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INDEC) reported that unemployment rose to 9.3% of the population in the second quarter of 2016.
By Alfaro -Abogados
The Comisión Nacional de Defensa de la Competencia ("Antitrust Agency") is working on a bill of law that will be sent to Congress in the next few months to amend Argentine Law 25,156 (the "Antitrust Law").
By Alfaro -Abogados
The INDEC statistics bureau published its Monthly Economic Activity Estimator (EMAE), which are the basis to the country's GDP figures to be published in the last quarter of the year.
By Liliana Arauz
We assist on a permanent basis El Samaritano, a foundation created to support schools and hospitals in rural areas in Argentina (mainly the estates/provinces of Corrientes...
By Carlos Alfaro
When Mauricio Macri took over the government and announced the first economic measures people reacted with "amateur glee". A historically unfounded optimism precipitated the belief that billions of foreign investments will "rain" into Argentina.
By Alfaro -Abogados
The legal war against San Ramon, California-based Chevron has been waged in several countries, including Argentina...