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By Martin Andelman
Here’s a dirty little secret: Your marketing design firm thinks you’re duller than dirt. And, chances are, you don’t like them much either.  Remember when we were all in school? Remember the "artsy" crowd? Now consider the "business geeks". The people who went on to law school became accountants or, perish the thought, went into insurance. Yep . . . that’s you. You were among those who found business topics . . . interesting . . . fascinating even.
By Martin Andelman
America’s business executives have been transformed into the country’s political piñata. The media and an entire gaggle of Washington D.C. politicos would have us believe that it is these executives who are at the core of the nation’s economic woes.
By Martin Andelman
A July 2003 issue of The Economist magazine contained an article that referred to the deferring of one’s pay as being part of a "lavish pension scheme confined to top executives."