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By Joseph G. Vernon
After further review, the ruling of a Texas district court was overturned by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals on Oct. 12, 2017...
By Christopher Trebilcock, Brian Schwartz
Provisions in employment agreements that shorten the statute of limitations period for employees to file claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Equal Pay Act (EPA) are invalid, the Sixth Circuit ruled on August 3, 2013.
By Matthew Allen
On October 11, 2011, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, in a 2-1 decision, issued an opinion affirming a decision of the US International Trade Commission (ITC) barring importation of a product made in China by a Chinese company using trade secrets allegedly misappropriated by Chinese employees in China.
By Kathryn Ossian
A recent public radio feature looking back to the 1967 fast food industry illustrates the importance of fully protecting the trademarks you use in identifying your products and services.
By Kathryn Ossian
Kids aren’t the only ones using the Internet to download shared music files. Many adults are snagging melodic freebies too. And—if they happen to be working for your company, making use of your company’s network, and storing their purloined melodies on your company’s computers - you could wind up singing a less-than-happy tune.
By Adam Forman
It happens this way: a disgruntled employee, angry at being discharged, retaliates by creating a website on which he posts fabricated allegations, far-fetched charges of fraud or misbehavior, and false statements about your company and its policies. He may even disclose proprietary information about your business in Internet chatrooms, or send anonymous, harassing emails to your employees. Increasing numbers of vindictive employees are engaging in cybersmear campaigns to attack and disparage emp
By Thomas Appleman
As the economy improves, industry experts are forecasting a pick-up in the pace of mergers and acquisitions. If you’ve been thinking of selling your company, now is a good time to assess the situation and position yourself to take advantage of opportunities as they unfold. Here are some tips to help you get organized.