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By Loyens & Loeff
A digital world calls for digital assets. Investors' interest in equity tokens as a new way to invest and get ownership in a company is on the rise
By Loyens & Loeff
The Financial Regulatory News Updates: an overview in which our Banking and Finance Practice Group highlights.
By Loyens & Loeff
The EUGC appears to accept this would be the case even if there is no arm's length principle clearly laid down in domestic law.
By Alvaro Garrido Mesa
As traditional stock or shares, equity tokens are subject to specific legal considerations if they are to be issued under Luxembourg law.
By Michael Schweiger
This loss of contact usually results from a variety of situations, including customers who have changed address or are deceased.
By Marco Toni
According to the current regulatory set-up in Switzerland, it is permissible to sell and purchase cannabis products, as long as the THC level remains below 1%.