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By Rosalyn Newsome
As has been previously reported, it is not a tax on all sugar, but rather a levy targeting manufacturers of sugary soft drinks.
By Lucy Walker
Trading under your name is an appealing idea, especially in the fashion world where designers frequently use their own names as brands (think Hugo Boss, Donatella Versace, and Tom Ford, to name but a few).
By Carrie Johnson
The US and Japan recently joined the Hague System that provides for international protection of industrial designs, to take the organisation's membership to 64 countries.
By Jill Matchett
Monday 15 June 2015 is being designated "Beer Day Britain" in an initiative encouraging those involved in the industry to run events in celebration of British beer.
By Rosalyn Newsome
The long-running battle initiated by Sky UK against the Microsoft-owned company Skype for the use of "SKY" in its mark has come to a head in the EU.
By Ian Pearce
Following our previous articles concerning the new gTLD releases, it is clear that the Internet is changing.
By David Pearce
Google Inc. has recently announced what it calls a "Patent Purchase Promotion", inviting patent owners to offer to sell their patents to the company.
By Rosalyn Newsome
The news is full of criticism for convenience food and drinks containing too much sugar or an equally undesirable mixture of E numbers and additives in the "light" and "diet" offerings.
By David Harris
In good news for creative businesses, there has been progress made with extending the options available under the Hague system for registered design protection.
By Nick Braddon, Nicole Cordy
A new option for obtaining patent protection will soon be available in Morocco, which will allow the rights there to be derived from a European patent.
By Binesh Patel
We recently surveyed some of our clients to gain an insight into how many of them are using Patent Box now that it has been up and running for a year – the results are interesting.
By David Pearce
The inconsistency in the EPO Boards of Appeal in the problem of assessing partial priority has been recognised and is being referred to the EPO Enlarged Board of Appeal.
By Nick Braddon
The December 2014 edition of the CIPA Journal carried an article entitled "G20 developments: what do they mean for the UK’s Patent Box?"
By Nick Braddon, Nicole Cordy
January is widely considered to be named after a Roman god, Janus, who had two faces, which allowed him to look to the future and to the past.
By Lisa King
China operates a "first to file" trade mark protection system.