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By Dorit McCann
EU and Irish competition law requires competitors to act strictly independently of each other in the market and prohibits businesses from entering into anti-competitive agreements or engaging in concerted practices.
By Fiona O'Neill
As part of their application, OFCP sought permission to construct the section of the Druids Glen Road located on its land.
By Beauchamps Solicitors
On 19 April 2012 the Office of Fair Trading ("OFT") said that it had fined British Airways £58.5 million, in a decision which would bring its investigation into price fixing in relation to fuel surcharges to a conclusion.
By Beauchamps Solicitors
The judgment of the ECJ in Post Danmark, which was issued on 27 March 2012, has clarified the rules on selective discounts and below-cost selling under the competition law prohibition of an abuse of a dominant position.
By Beauchamps Solicitors
In March 2012 the Government decided not to seek an extension of Ireland's exemption from EU directives requiring domestic competition in rail services.
By Gary Rice, Judy Goldman, Eoghan Ó HArgáin
In February 2012 the Competition Authority made a submission in response to the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government's consultation on the reform of the water sector.