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By Peter Racher Esq, Donna Marron
The American Bar Association’s Death Penalty Representation Project seeks volunteer counsel to pursue post-conviction appeals for indigent inmates on death row who are without state-funded counsel. While proponents of the Death Penalty Project often oppose capital punishment on principle, for many attorneys and judges the primary focus of the Project is the strong and honorable belief that every person, even (and, perhaps, especially) someone charged with a capital crime, is entitled to the due
By John Bridge
One of the goals of the founders of our firm was not only to represent clients but to create clients. A number of clients have been created by the firm over the years. A successful example is Novia Underwriters, Inc., which made profits every year of its existence and was sold for a handsome gain for its shareholders this summer.
By Kevin Thompson
Insurance and Risk Management Services, LLC (IRMS), has entered its fourth year of operation. It continues to provide a variety of insurance and risk management services to its clients. Having worked with more than 75 companies over the past three-and-a-half years, IRMS has developed a range of services to assist with virtually every aspect of its clients’ insurance and risk management needs.
A Marion Superior Court has affirmed that a general liability policy extends coverage to damage inadvertently committed by a policyholder’s employee on a customer’s property.
By Tina Richards, Tina Richards
Several recent decisions affect cost recovery efforts to pay for environmental liabilies.
The Indiana Legislature has enacted a Tax Amnesty Bill that offers important relief to Hoosiers with back tax problems. H.E.A. 1004, 114th Leg., (IN, 2005).
By Todd Janzen, Todd Janzen
A recent case should have a significant impact on Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations ("CAFOs") in Indiana and in the United States.
By Todd Janzen
Common law nuisance is codified by the Indiana Code: "Whatever is: (1) injurious to health; (2) indecent; (3) offensive to the senses; or (4) an obstruction to the free use of property; so as essentially to interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life or property, is a nuisance . . . " I.C. § 32-30-6-6.
By Todd Janzen
Manure–once regarded by Indiana’s small farmers as a blessing–has become a source of strife between Indiana’s large confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) and their suburban neighbors. Manure is produced by CAFOs in quantities far outstripping amounts seen by farmers even thirty years ago. Manure is now a regulated substance.
By Todd Janzen
A recent agricultural case highlighted the importance of agricultural counsel having a working knowledge of insurance coverage law. After apparently receiving a complaint from a neighbor, a dairy farm was served with a temporary restraining order prohibiting its operation from applying manure.
By Donna Marron
A recent class action settlement brought successful closure to a problem with drastic effects on the lives of thousands of Indiana families represented by Plews Shadley Racher & Braun.  The families bought homes built by Trinity Homes, LLC ("Trinity") in Indiana between June 1, 1998, and October 31, 2002.