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By Mark Masters
Reports of contaminated pet food have been filling the news in recent weeks. The question on everyone’s mind is "What are the damages?" In Michigan, the answer is "Not much."
By Jeffrey Chilton
This month the Michigan Supreme Court issued an opinion which will be of great assistance to health care administrators and practitioners in the proportioning of fault between plaintiffs and defendants for injuries claimed in a medical management dispute.
By Jeffrey Chilton
The United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit has recommended for full text publication a decision with far reaching potential ramifications on the issue of what constitutes an exception to the hearsay rule regarding statements made for medical diagnosis or treatment.
By Jeffrey Chilton
On February 2, 2005, the Michigan Court of Appeals issued an opinion which will be of great assistance to health care administrators and practitioners in cases in which a plaintiff claims a lost chance or opportunity.
By James Molloy
In Woodard v ERP Operating Limited Partnership, 2005 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 114 (E.D. Mich., January 7, 2005), Plaintiff filed suit after slipping and falling on a patch of ice on a cracked and broken concrete sidewalk on Defendant’s property.
By Mark Masters
It has been said that good fences make good neighbors. This has never been more true when homeowners start encroaching on your commercial property, possibly gaining some degree of ownership rights. This article addresses the problem and offers several solutions.
By Caroline Grech-Clapper
Plaintiff brought a lawsuit against her employer for discrimination based on the ADA and the Age Discrimination Act after she rejected a new position and after she was rejected for a different opening within the hospital. Plaintiff was employed as a registered nurse for twenty-two years when she took a medical leave of absence.
By Caroline Grech Clapper
Is an employee entitled to begin her FMLA leave after the birth of a child if her employer failed to tell her that the FMLA leave begins at date of disability and not date of birth? Court: United States District Court - Eastern District of Michigan.
By John Cowley, Jr.
In Kreiner v Fischer __ Mich __ 2004, the Michigan Supreme Court reversed the Court of Appeals decision finding as a matter of law that Plaintiff ’s injuries did not constitute a serious impairment of body function.
By John Cowley, Jr.
The tolling of the one year statute of limitations of the Michigan No-Fault Act due to mental impairment resulted in substantial claims for increased attendant care benefits dating back many years and in some instances to the original date of loss.
By Mark Masters
Was a teenage volunteer at a vacation bible school a licensee or an invitee; Whether a plain glass (rather than safety glass) door was an open and obvious condition to a minor.
By Mark Masters
Whether a No Fault Insurer (Auto Owners) or a general liability insurer (Indiana) was responsible for insuring injuries resulting from criminal acts that happen to involve a school bus? Was Auto Owners contractually responsible for half of the settlement and legal costs paid on behalf of its insured for injuries sustained by two students kidnapped while being discharged from the insured’s school bus?
By Jacqueline Salloum
Is a college student living on campus a "resident" of the household where her parents and brother lived at the time of the accident for purposes of determining coverage for a third-party claim?
By Mark Masters
Is the open and obvious defense available to a defendant in a non-premises liability and non-failure to warn case? Plaintiff allegedly received second and third degree burns from hot water in his shower at his apartment. The shower and shower elements were installed by Cornwall Plumbing, a subcontractor for the owner of the complex.
By Cleo Fekaris