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By Karen Fields
Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act ("OHSA"), there are obligations to report injuries that occur in the workplace.
By Kelsey Orth
That recruitment pitch certainly sounds like a good deal, and given the popularity of – and apparent satisfaction with – Uber among both customers and drivers, it must be working.
By Brian Silva
There have been a number of court decisions in recent years which have found termination provisions in employment agreements to be unenforceable because those provisions failed to refer to severance requirements or the continuation of benefits.
By Angela Wiggins
Many employers require their employees to complete and provide criminal record checks.
By Andrew Cogswell
Two recent Ontario decisions delved into the murky waters of when punitive or aggravated damages should be awarded in cases of wrongful dismissal.
By Susan Crawford
On June 29, 2016 CCP blogged about the Ontario Court of Appeal decision in Oudin v. Centre Francophone de Toronto where a termination provision was upheld...
By Michael MacLellan
The Ontario Court of Appeal has thankfully upheld the termination for just cause of one Jerzy Wasinski, in a decision that should encourage employers who are diligent in keeping a safe workplace.
By Andrew Cogswell
A new Bill is gaining momentum that, if passed, will require employers to keep up with new training requirements and establish a new paid leave for employees.
By Brian Silva
In a recent decision argued by one of the lawyers at CCPartners, the Ontario Labour Relations Board (the "Labour Board") ruled that time spent by an employee traveling from home to the first job site...
By Angela Wiggins
2016 featured many significant decisions and legislative changes impacting employers.
By Angela Wiggins
When the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act ("AODA") was passed back in 2005 the deadlines seemed far off in the future...
By Michael MacLellan
If you have been following mainstream mixed martial arts ("MMA") for very long, like I have, it does not come as much of a surprise that a select group of athletes are purporting to have formed...
By Rob Boswell
On June 16, 2012 a stage constructed for a Radiohead concert at Downsview Park collapsed. Thirty-three year old drum technician Scott Johnson was crushed to death.
By Kelsey Orth
On the heels of news in late November that the federal government was "advised against a ban on replacement workers" earlier this year, we write now with relief that the current government...
By Michael MacLellan
Hosting a holiday party is a great way to thank your employees for their hard work and to celebrate your company's successes in the last year.