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By Bradley Aburn, Chris Bowden, Sarah Keene
NZCC guidelines assist businesses and advisors to understand how the Commerce Act 1986 will be interpreted by the NZCC.
By Troy Pilkington, Chris Bowden, James Every- Palmer, Sarah Keene
The Court of Appeal has dismissed Telecom's appeal against the High Court decision in the Data Tails case.
This Alert explores the "unfair contract" and "unconscionable conduct" provisions and the implications for businesses.
Any of the Commission's suggestions would mean significant changes to the effect of the new Consumer Law Reform Bill.
By Andrew Peterson
The New Zealand Commerce Commission and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission have agreed to co-operate and co-ordinate their competition, consumer and regulatory functions pursuant to a co-operation agreement signed by the parties on 31 July 2007 ("Agreement").
By Andrew Peterson
In a recent Supreme Court decision a majority of the Court overruled its decision in Dr Miles, a case decided in 1911 which, for almost a century, had established that agreements giving effect to minimum resale price maintenance were per se illegal.
By Andrew Peterson
On 6 April 2006 the High Court in Auckland imposed one of the largest ever penalties for price fixing and exclusionary conduct in breach of the Commerce Act. The Court endorsed a settlement between the Commerce Commission and the Koppers Arch Group which required Koppers to pay a total of $3.6 million in penalties.
By Lorne Campbell, Lorne Campbell
By Wei Ling Lim, Wei Ling Lim, Wei Ling Lim
By Lorne Campbell, Lorne Campbell