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By Av. Gözde Yolal
Despite the fact that a considerable Muslim population lives in Turkey, the legal basis of Sukuk as the financial instrument, which is a free interest financing model has been set up with the Communiqué Series III...
By Av. Gözde Yolal
The Ministry of Customs and Trade ("the Ministry") has prepared the Communiqué according to Article 11 of the Regulation about the Organization of e-Trade and the e-trade enabler supplier and Art. 16 of the intermediary service providers published on 26/8/2015 in the 29457 numbered official gazette, for agreements for the sale of goods and services or for orders of service and intermediary service providers.
By Av. Özlem Kurt Karayürek, Ezgi Köse
The Draft Guideline includes mainly some amendments in and additions to ‘'Agency Agreements'', ‘'Internet Sales'' as well as ‘'Most Favored Customer Clause''.
By Pınar Çelenlioğlu, Alper Pekcan, İzzet Gürler
There exist some rights and obligations of employees and employers who are parties of an employment contract. In this text...
The Communiqué defines the further requirements to be provided both for natural and legal persons, in details, to register for e-commerce and relevant information covered by this text.
By Av. Özlem Kurt Karayürek, Ezgi Köse
Turkish Competition Authority ("the Authority") has reviewed the Guideline on Vertical Agreements (" the Existing Guideline") considering the developments in the legislation of European Union as well as the requirements in related sector and announced the "Draft Guideline on Vertical Agreements" ("the Draft Guideline") where some explanations in the Guideline has been changed and some new explanations have been added, with the aim at obtaining public consultation.
By Alper Pekcan, İzzet Gürler
There exist some rights and obligations of employees and employers who are parties of an employment contract. In this text, those rights and obligations are going to be evaluated within the scope of the legislation on Personal Data Protection.
By Av. Özlem Kurt Karayürek, Serter Ozturk
The UK is working on new data protection draft (rules) that has been confirmed in the Queen's Speech recently.
By Ezgi Köse, İzzet Gürler
Employees could have opportunities to change working locations when they who work in multinational companies.
By Av. Özlem Kurt Karayürek, Av. Gözde Yolal
The Authority decided to impose an administrative fine on due to its "best price guarantee" or other practices.
By Av. Gözde Yolal, Av. Özlem Kurt Karayürek
As it is known, in case of passing the national and/or worldwide turnovers of undertakings exceed the thresholds determined by taking into consideration Turkey
By Alper Utaş
As of February 21, 2017, Turkey repealed the Regulation on Safeguarding Measures in Import of the Goods Originated in People's Republic of China (published in the Official Gazette numbered 25136 and dated June 12, 2003).
By Av. Gözde Yolal, Pınar Çelenlioğlu
The Industrial Property Law Numbered 6769 (the " Law"), published in the Official Gazette on January 10, 2017 and entered into force as of the same date, started a new era in the field of trademarks, patents, industrial designs and geographical indications.
By Alper Utaş
Soil of Turkey includes a lot of variety in mines and minerals. There is an extensive mining capacity and mining possibilities encompass various regions. However, a risky business in its very nature, investment and procedures to start mining operations and the rules to follow during mining operations may get complicated and require professional legal, financial and technical aid and follow-up.
By Hasan Özgür
In case of fulfilling all conditions mentioned in the Article 446/3 of Turkish Code of Obligations numbered 6098 ("TCO"), the employer has also the right to ban the employee from competition.