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By Timothy Fitzsimmons
Under the federal Income Tax Act, the Canada Revenue Agency must consider a taxpayer's objection and must vacate, confirm or vary the underlying tax assessment.
By Helena Rozman
The government has published the proposed benefit and pension rates for 2017 to 2018. It reviews the rates every year to reflect the changes to the consumer price index (CPI).
By Igor Davydenko, Myron Rabij, Maksym Sysoiev
On 23 November 2016, the Ukrainian President signed the long-awaited Law of Ukraine On National Energy and Utilities Commission of Ukraine No. 1540-VIII of 22 September 2016 (the Law on Regulator).
By Mary Picard
Trustees and administrators of Ontario registered pension plans: beware of Form 7. That's the form that administrators of registered pension plans must complete, and send to their pension fund trustees...
By Dominic Spacie, Danielle Beggs, Omosuyi Fred-Omojole
The deficiencies of Nigeria's power generation sector presents a significant opportunity for domestic power producers...
By Simon Kupi, Joseph R Palin, Bernard Roth
Alberta's electricity market is set to join the capacity markets club. In a November 23, 2016 announcement, the Alberta government committed to restructuring its power market by 2021...
By Claude Marchessault
To remain relevant and effective, industry regulators need to stay current. They must be attentive to economic realities, adapt to new technology and evolve with the industries they regulate.
By Roy Pinnock, Jamie McKie
In the absence of the Housing White Paper, the industry is still left needing to mind the gap. We have simplified budgets – abolishing the Autumn Statement – but no hint of simplified planning for growth.
By Adrian Miedema
Where the government had not updated a regulation to require compliance with a newer version of an ANSI standard, the law still required compliance with the old version, a federal tribunal has decided.
By Verity Buckingham
The government has produced a consultation paper, "Work, health and disability: improving lives".
By Roy Pinnock
Dentons Planning TV is a new and innovative platform for engaging in and reacting to the latest developments in the dynamic world of planning.
By Helena Rozman
Women are campaigning to have statutory maternity leave extended for mothers of babies born prematurely.
By Anjali Raval
It's that time of the quarter again and Chancellor Philip Hammond's first (and last) Autumn Statement. It's also the first Statement ‘post-Brexit'.
By Allen Garson, Bruce MacPhail, Kris Miks, Jamie Thomas
A recent decision of the Yukon Court of Appeal has confirmed the importance for boards of directors to ensure not only that a proposed plan of arrangement is substantively fair and reasonable...
By Adrian Miedema
An excavator operator has been found guilty of two Occupational Health and Safety Act charges after hitting a power line.
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