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By Natalia Selyakova, Artem Lukyanov
In the beginning of January 2017, the Unified Registry of Debtors (hereinafter, "the Registry") has been officially launched.
By Natalia Selyakova
На початку січня 2017 року запрацював Єдиний реєстр боржників (надалі – «Реєстр»).
By Sam Boileau, Stephen Shergold, Helen Bowdren, Jennifer Travers
Southern Water is the latest company to receive a heavy fine for environmental offences, following a pollution incident in Kent in June 2012 where large amounts of sewage were expelled...
By Gérard Maîtrejean, Delphine Tempé, Mathilde Lattard, Pawel Hermeliński-Ayache
On 16 January, 2017 the law of 23 July, 2016 introducing the simplified private limited liability company (S.à r.l.-S) entered into force.
By Dzhangar Dzhalchinov
Dentons' Russia Tax practice would like to remind readers that, starting 1 January 2017, foreign companies providing e-services are required to undergo special tax registration according...
By Helena Rozman
In another case focusing on the gig economy, the London Central Employment Tribunal has ruled that a CitySprint bike courier was a worker under the Employment Rights Act 1996.
By Igor Davydenko, Tetiana Gryn
21 грудня 2016 року Верховна Рада прийняла Закон «Про державний бюджет України на 2017 рік» № 1801-VIII
By Janine Shaw
In November 2016 we published a blog, at that stage we thought the Regulations to follow would give further guidance on how permission in principle, PiP, will operate.
By Adrian Miedema
Three Toronto subway operators engaged in a work refusal after the Toronto Transit Commission decided to staff subway trains with only one operator (instead of two).
By Helena Rozman
The Immigration Act 2016 is now in force and its substantive provisions seek to reflect the Home Office's aim of making the immigration system more robust in the face of illegal working.
By James Hogan, Kamal Mammadzada, Ophelia Abdullayeva
On 16 December 2016 the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan signed the law On Non-Cash Settlements (the "Law").
By Celia Gardiner, David Williams
Late 2016 saw three English court rulings on whether issuing banks were obliged to pay against what, on their face, appeared to be complying demands under standby letters of credit (SBLCs).
By Jamie McKie
Dentons Planning TV is a new and innovative platform for engaging in and reacting to the latest developments in the dynamic world of planning.
By Delphine Tempé, Eduard Koster, Carine Lecoq
On 31 December, 2016 the State Prosecutor of the Luxembourg Financial Intelligence Unit (Cellule de renseignement financier du Parquet auprès du Tribunal d'Arrondissement de Luxembourg – the CRF)...
By Arianne Bouchard
In the recent decision Fournier c R., the Superior Court of Quebec confirmed that an employer's violations of health and safety legislation can be the underlying unlawful act...
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