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By Minh Riemann
Therefore, employers should be aware that even minor changes in the contractual terms of an existing contract may necessitate an update of the forfeiture clause.
By Cristina Wendel
In this recent Alberta arbitration case, the employer had been dealing with safety issues involving excessive carbon monoxide levels.
By Mark Bassett
A new judicial review case concerning the interface of development agreements, judicial review and public procurement has recently been decided by the High Court.
By Michelle Lamb
The UK's mental health is currently under scrutiny with high profile dignitaries, businessmen and organisations all helping to raise awareness of the problems it can cause in the workplace.
By Bryan Johnston, Anna Williamson, Thomas Nolan, Kirstin Dunn
Whilst the government argues that the 2017 revaluation ensures that all businesses are getting a fair deal...
By Jillian Frank
In a July 2016 decision, Providence Health Care v. Dunkley, 2016 BCSC 1383, the British Columbia Supreme Court held that Providence Health Care and the University of British Columbia failed to establish...
By Helen Jenkins
Two highly anticipated cases involving the legality of banning headscarves in the workplace were decided by the ECJ this week.
By Jamie McKie
In this episode of Planning TV, Hannah David, director of Planning Futures, joins Alice Lester MBE, Head of Planning at Brent Council and Jamie McKie...
By Adrian Miedema
A worker who said, "If anything ever happened, like losing my job, I'd have no problem coming in here and shooting them"...
By Erik Arnold, Kim Martyn
•February 13, 2017 – Alberta celebrated the 70th anniversary of the discovery of oil at Leduc #1, which is considered by many to be the start of the modern oil and gas industry in the province.
By Timothy Fitzsimmons, Étienne Gadbois, Joel A. Nitikman, Jehad Haymour, Tony Schweitzer, Mark Woltersdorf
The Government of Canada has released this year's Federal Budget, and the Tax group at Dentons has prepared a Special Report providing a detailed analysis...
By Roy Pinnock
In R (Lensbury Ltd) v Richmond-Upon-Thames London Borough Council [2016] EWCA Civ 814 the Court of Appeal disagreed with the High Court and agreed to quash permission for a hydro-power installation...
By Emma Naughton
Digital claims, the delegation of authority to caseworkers and a tailored composition of tribunal panels are just three of the proposed reforms to Employment Tribunals.
By Bryan Johnston
The Department for Communities and Local Government has finally published its response to the Consultation on reform of the business rates appeal system.
By Bryan Johnston, Anna Williamson, Alexa Phoenix, Ross Wilson
You instruct a specialist rating surveyor, who carries out detailed calculations to ascertain your rateable value (RV) and engages in lengthy negotiations with the Valuation Officer (VO)...
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