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By Adrian Miedema
An Ontario judge has decided that Atomic Energy of Canada Limited had just cause to dismiss an industrial safety specialist who misrepresented his employment history in a security application.
By Helen Jenkins
The "Employment tribunal decisions" website has now been launched and there are already three pages of decisions that have been uploaded
By Helen Jenkins
Of the thousands of professional women currently on a career break, around 427,000 want to return to work at some point in the future.
By Helen Jenkins
The European Human Rights Commission has found that 6 per cent of women who are "covered" by pregnancy and maternity protection are made redundant and 11 per cent of women returning from maternity leave...
By Helen Jenkins
With the commencement of the gender pay reporting obligations in April, ACAS have provided helpful a helpful summary (as well as more detailed guidance) on the regulations.
By Frédéric Feyten, Jean-Dominique Morelli, Marc-Antoine Casanova, Christine Ntumba
On 27 December, 2016 the Luxembourg Tax Authorities issued the new Circular LIR n°56/1-56bis/1 on the tax treatment of entities engaged in intra-group financing activities.
By Michelle Lamb
In Reverend Canon Pemberton v. Former Acting Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham, Canon Pemberton, a Church of England priest, entered into a same-sex marriage.
By Ingrid Silver, Samuel Oustayiannis
The ASA has published its list of the most complained-about adverts of 2016 and, similar to 2015, it is established reputable companies that dominate the ASA's "Top 10" list.
By Cristina Wendel
The Alberta Court has confirmed that in order for a director of a corporate employer to be found personally liable for damages sustained by one of the corporation's workers in a workplace accident...
By Sara Biglieri, Michele Carpagnano
Tale sistema di "private antitrust enforcement", di natura civilistica, si aggiunge e si coordina con i sistemi giŕ esistenti di public enforcement del diritto della concorrenza...
By Helena Rozman
Following our post on 1 December 2016, "National Living Wage to increase by 4 per cent in April", the draft National Minimum Wage (Amendment) Regulations 2017 have now been published.
By Eduard Koster, Jeannette Vaude-Perrin, Frédéric Feyten
On 30 January, 2017 the European Securities and Market Authority (ESMA) issued an opinion addressed to local regulators on the share classes of UCITS and their sub-funds...
By Adam Brown
The provisional results of the "early" Capacity Market auction held last week have now been published.
By Elmer Doonan, James Borshell
Providing pensions can be a thankless task for employers and providers alike. It's an experience that a number of employers have got to know well since the UK introduced its auto-enrolment obligations.
By Elizabeth Padley
On 31 January 2017, the government published its review of the Employment Tribunal (ET) fees system. As our readers will be aware, the current system of requiring claimants to pay ET fees has faced significant criticism as creating a barrier to access to justice.
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