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By Patricia Gordon
Clients are often apprehensive about their first meeting with a family lawyer. Knowing what to expect can ease anxiety and coming prepared for some of the questions you'll be asked can help make the most of your time.
By Daniel Thomson
I am often asked to explain what a "Tag-Along" (a.k.a. "Piggyback") right is or what it means to be subject to a "Drag-Along" (a.k.a. "Co-Sale") provision.
By Meghan O'Neil
In my last blog, I outlined the rights a common law partner has against the estate of his or her deceased partner.
By Heather Keachie
Registered charities in Canada enjoy certain privileges under the Income Tax Act, including issuing tax receipts to donors.
By Patricia Gordon
As I have noted in my previous blog entries, the law can be slow to catch up to changes in family structures.
By Heather Keachie
Not-for-profit organizations that are incorporated under either provincial or federal legislation must register a business name if they operate under a name that is different than their legal name.
By Jennifer A.N. Corak
When working with your estates lawyer to prepare your estate plan, you will likely be asked a number of "what if" questions.
By Holly LeValliant
The record-keeping requirements of an attorney for property need not rise to a standard of perfection, whether the grantor is capable or not.
By Jennifer A.N. Corak
For the purposes of this blog, "dissolution" is defined as an involuntary dissolution occurring under section 241(4) of the OBCA.
By Patricia Gordon
P.P. and D.D. had a casual relationship that resulted in conception of a child.
By Jennifer A.N. Corak
Your powers of attorney for property and personal care come into effect when you are living, I explain, and your Will takes over upon your death.
By David A.S. Mills
An Ontario Superior Court decision issued today confirms this applies to the administration of estates as well.
By Jennifer A.N. Corak
Spouse. Child. Parent. Issue. With the exception of the term issue, these are terms to which we ascribe meaning in our day-to-day lives.
By Meghan O'Neil
Many people are under the assumption that being in a common-law relationship provides a couple with "essentially" the same legal rights as being married.
By Geoffrey R. Cobham
Recent amendments to the Rules of Civil Procedure should greatly reduce the number of administrative dismissals of Actions.