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By John Halton
December 2009 saw two business regulations come into force in the UK which will have a significant impact on a large number of UK businesses.
By Chris Langridge
If you and your fellow shareholders own your company and are employed in the business one of your unexpected deaths could have serious and adverse consequences for either the company or the bereaved family.
By Nigel Stanford
It may seem attractive at first glance to buy a business or assets from a company which is in administration; after all, the buyer may be able to get a good deal at a knock down price and be able to cherry pick those bits of the insolvent business that are of interest.
By Olivier Morel
The market is littered with foreign companies that tried to start a UK business from scratch. In no particular order, here are some of the reasons why they failed to make it a success.
By Petra Venton, Petra Venton
The Working Time Regulations 1998, limit the average working time for a worker to 48 hours per week. The average is generally taken over a 17-week period. One way of getting round this limit is to ensure that workers agree in writing not to be subject to the limit, the so-called opt-out.
By Edward Bible, Edward Bible