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By Stuart Thwaites
Until recently, the Technology and Construction Court had made clear, in judgments such as ISG v Seevic and Galliford Try Building Limited v Estura Limited ...
By Tara Goodwin
We were instructed on behalf of a commercial landlord who was seeking to take back possession of its premises because the tenant was not paying rent.
By Kate Anderson
The Times newspaper reported on Saturday 30 June that there was a huge disparity in numbers between those likely to be affected by dementia and those preparing for it.
By Philip Harris
M T Hojgaard A/S v E.ON Climate and Renewables UK Robin Rigg East Limited and Another
By Iain Johnston, Sarah Beer
The Need to Sell Scheme (NTS) is a discretionary scheme available to any property owner-occupier who has a compelling reason to sell their property but has been unable to do so
By Matthew Davies
Restricted Certificates of Sponsorship: Some good news for Employers at last
By Eamonn Daly
Taxes are one of life's few certainties as, increasingly, are arguments over whether the system has become too complex for its own good, belying one of its simple objectives...
By Sarah Beer
Last year, a legislative amendment designed to solve an anomaly whereby tenants with unprotected, or minor, tenancies receive less ‘disturbance' compensation under a CPO than either licensees or tenants with protected tenancies has, for HS2 compensation claimants, ended up creating a two-tier compensation system.
By Tina Chander
Following The Supreme Court's ruling in Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust v Haywood that the claimant's notice period started on the day she read the letter of redundancy ...
By Tara Goodwin
It can be difficult to get onto the property ladder and therefore many people decide to purchase a property with a friend, rather than spending money on rent.
By John Gregory
Since 1 June 2018 applications can be made to local planning authorities for "Permission in Principle" (PiP) for minor, housing-led developments
By Ellie Crofts
Wright Hassall acted for a residential landlord in carrying out a major works consultation under Section 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985.
By Michael Goldfinch
A recent judgment given by the High Court earlier this year comes as a stark reminder of the difference between a lease and a licence with significant detriment to the landowner.
By David Slade
As with any major purchase, the devil is in the detail when it comes to investing in commercial property. For the prospective purchaser, thorough pre-purchase investigations will pay dividends several times over.
By Matthew Goodwin
Financial planning of one's affairs usually takes place over a number of years, revisiting investments, considering tax relief, and possibly transferring from one pension scheme to another.
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