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By Tom Lawrence
Have you ever thought that writing Wills for a living might just be the change in career path you have been looking for?
By Chris Houghton
A team of solicitors from Howes Percival's Northampton office have assisted Northampton School for Boys in their conversion to academy status.
By Jane Cowley
Wanting to live with someone and not have the commitment of marriage is an option which many people choose.
By Jane Cowley
Most small businesses start as partnerships, but break down within a year. Friendship alone is not necessarily a good basis for a successful business partnership.
By Jane Cowley
The World Cup can spell heartache off the pitch for married couples, warns a leading Leicestershire divorce lawyer, as wives can feel abandoned and neglected by husbands watching back-to-back matches every day.
By Hannah Steggles, Matthew Talbot
The name 'Frankie Goes to Hollywood' has been the subject of a recent trade mark battle between Holly Johnson and the other members of the '80's hit group Frankie Goes to Hollywood.