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By David Gilat
IP adjudicator found no likelihood of confusion between word mark BIG DEAL and stylised mark BIG DEAL
By David Gilat, Rakefet Peled
The Supreme Court has issued its decision in a dispute over the alleged existence of a visual resemblance between pasta packages (Store Chain of Rami Levy Hashikma Marketing 2006 ...
By Orit Gonen
Have you defined all your databases? Appointed a data protection officer? Do you know what obligations apply to your databases?
By Sa'ar Alon
The Patents and Designs Ordinance, 1924, does not include provisions allowing the publication of the design in the official Designs Journal upon registration.
By Rakefet Peled
Israel's Supreme Court upheld that oral course lectures not documented by the lecturer are copyrightable, but allowed publisher's defense that he was unaware of the existence of such copyrights.
By Eran Bareket, Rachel Lu, Gil Dagan
The Israeli Supreme Court recently issued an important and precedential decision recognizing, for the first time, the enforceability of Chinese court decisions in Israel.
By Luiz Blanc, David Gilat
In Habitat Ltd v Habitat International the Tel Aviv District Court under Judge Altuvia rejected a trademark infringement claim which had been filed by Mr Meerovich, the owner of a local furniture chain...
By Rakefet Peled, David Gilat
On 27 November 2017 the Tel Aviv District Court handed down a ruling denying a petition for an interlocutory injunction order which would have prevented the respondents in the case from using the name Voice of Hope as regards a particular radio station's activity in Israel
By David Gilat
In a rather unique case the Israel Supreme Court issued an interlocutory injunction prohibiting the company Hazera from requesting access to watermelon seeds of the company Origene Seeds...
By Rakefet Peled
In September 2017 the Jerusalem District Court held that the IDF had no obligation to designate the name of a soldier photographer in publications including photographs taken during a soldier's military service...
By Rakefet Peled
Over the past few months rulings have been handed down that indicate tendency of courts to rigorously enforce moral rights of creators by awarding monetary compensation...
By David Gilat, Sa'ar Alon
The court touched on issues of first impression relating to the connection between copyright protection and design protection of a designed article
By Orit Gonen, Lior Glassman
Israel is known as "the start-up nation" and so Israelis are ‘start-up people'. They are entrepreneurs at heart, thinkers, researchers and developers, fundraisers, advertisers, marketers and salespersons.
By Orit Gonen
The Regional Labor Court of Tel Aviv[1] recently ruled that anyone seeking to be hired for a job has an increased duty to disclose to the interviewer his ownership ...
By Rachel Lu, Ehud Hausman
On 27 October 2016, the State Intellectual Property Office of China (SIPO) published, for comments by the public, proposed draft revisions to its current Examination Guidelines...