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By Brian Pedrow, Ashley Wilson
The mortgage industry knows the compliance bar has been raised. Few, however, have focused on the new bar being set on the diversity and inclusion front.
By Denise Keyser
The Third Circuit issued a decision which raises the bar for employers seeking to obtain summary judgment on claims raised under the Family and Medical Leave Act.
By Alan Kaplinsky, Kim Phan, Mercedes Tunstall
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently published a proposed rule that would amend Regulation P...
By Burt Rublin, Jenny Perkins
In a 2-1 decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit vacated a class action settlement approval and certification of a settlement class that treated the named plaintiffs far more favorably than the other class members.
By Mercedes Tunstall, Amy Mushahwar
President Obama has recently signed a long-anticipated Executive Order, " Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity," which directs the federal government to share cyberthreat information with the owners of systems that are critical to the country's infrastructure.
By Alan Kaplinsky, Jeremy Rosenblum, Trevor Salter
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued its Final Rule on July 16 defining what constitutes a "larger participant" in the consumer reporting market. Beginning on September 30, 2012, larger participants will be subject to supervisory examination by the Bureau for compliance with federal consumer financial laws.
For at least a decade, states have exercised de facto national leadership on climate change policy development.
By Robert Baron, James MacDonald
A recent decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit underscores the danger of assuming you can transfer IP licenses in a merger or business sale without the express consent of the licensor.