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CEP 20031-170
By Kene Gallois, Samantha Salim
Since 2001, the grant of pharmaceutical-related patent applications in Brazil has come to depend on a prior approval analysis by the Brazilian National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA).
By André Venturini
The Brazilian Patent Office (BRPTO) and the European Patent Office (EPO) signed yesterday a memorandum of understanding setting the basis of a future PPH program between both institutes.
By Giovanna Maria Sgaria De Morais Moulin, Roberta Arantes
Brazil is the largest market in Latin America. Every year, the Brazil Patent and Trademark Office (INPI) receives thousands of applications, most of them from foreign applicants.
By André de Oliveira
Em recente decisão, a Suprema Corte Americana manteve o entendimento dos tribunais inferiores locais de conceder registro de marca para a expressão "THE SLANTS" para uma banda de música formada por descendentes asiáticos.
By Gustavo Sartori Guimarães, Breno Akherman
It is true that in several countries the main patentability requirements are almost the same due to international agreements such as the TRIPS Agreement.
By Rana Gosain, Ricardo Dutra Nunes
The Brazilian Government is considering an emergency measure to eliminate the Patent Office's chronic backlog problem by automatically granting 230,000 pending applications by 2020.
By Rafael Salomão Romano
No começo de junho de 2017, o baixista Gene Simmons, da banda norte-americana Kiss, surpreendeu o mundo da música ao depositar um pedido de registro de marca para o famoso gesto do rock no...
By Hannah Fernandes
Franchising has certainly consecrated a very important private sector in Brazil. It still interests to small and medium investors that see in franchise a good opportunity to start-up a business with...
By Fabio Leme
Ao final de 2016, o juiz de direito da 43ª Vara Cível do Foro Central de São Paulo concedeu tutela antecipada a favor de uma renomada empresa que atua com computadores, videogames...
By Hannah Fernandes
The Superior Court of Justice recently issued a decision involving the multinational company Unilever. This reversed forty years of economic policies and represents a significant discouragement...
By Hannah Fernandes
The Federal Supreme Court recently declared the constitutionality of the new Copyright law (Law 12853/2013), which directly affects the management, collection and distribution of the amounts...
By Fabio Leme
At the end of 2016, the judge from the 43rd Civil Court of the Central Venue of São Paulo granted an interlocutory relief in favor of a well-known company that is involved in computers...
By André Venturini, Gustavo Sartori Guimarães
The Brazilian PTO has published the Resolution #184/2017 that establishes the Brazil-Japan Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) Pilot Program.
By Kene Gallois, Samantha Salim
These new guidelines are supplementary to the content of Brazilian PTO's Rules 124/2013 and 169/2016.
By Kene Gallois, Samantha Salim
On April 12, 2017, Brazilian PTO and ANVISA (Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency) signed the Joint Ordinance # 1/2017, which regulates the procedures for the application of Article 229-C...