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By Rana Gosain, André Venturini
In Brazil, the legal provisions for industrial designs are included in the Industrial Property Law (9,279/96). This law is supplemented by normative acts which regulate the INPI.
By Victor Fachim
O Instituto Nacional de Propriedade Industrial (INPI) tem, nos últimos meses, atuado de modo a tentar reduzir o gigantesco backlog de exame de pedidos de patentes.
By Guilherme De Araujo Prada Alves
A recente e badalada mudança no uso exclusivo da marca Ovomaltine®, que saiu de uma longa relação com o Bob's® e foi para o McDonalds®...
By Sonia Gama
Durante os Jogos Olímpicos de 1968, na Cidade do México, o mundo presenciou, ao vivo, uma quebra de paradigma, quando o norte-americano Dick Fosbury realizou seu salto em altura – de costas
By Andrew John Bellingall
Marcas da Copa e dos Jogos 2016 foram registradas em tempo recorde, agilidade que deveria ser uma rotina para proteger empresas instaladas no país.
By Cristiane Bonates
O Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial - INPI iniciou em 17 de abril de 2012, o Programa Piloto de Patentes Verdes.
By Robert Daniel-Shores, Roberta Arantes
When the ‘internet of things' (IoT) allows objects to be sensed and/or controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure, a completely new set of products and services...
By Kene Gallois, Danielle Altomari Teixeira
Decree Number 8,772 of May 11 2016 regulates Law Number 13,123 of May 20 2015, known as the Biodiversity Law, which provides for access to GH, protection and access to ATK...
By Rana Gosain, André Venturini
Before what tribunals can a patent be enforced against an infringer? Is there a choice between tribunals and what would influence a claimant's choice?
By Cristiane Bonates
Plant variety protection (PVP) was discussed in Brazil for the first time in 1976 with the intention of drafting a law that would regulate intellectual property concerning plant breeding.
By Gabriela Salerno
The outline of the results of an overseas questionnaire survey targeting 52 offices, etc. in all of the 10 countries subject to the survey is as follows.
By Kene Gallois
There are several rules to watch out for when seeking patent protection for antibodies in Brazil. Despite the continuing efforts to harmonise patent practice in all countries, some differences persist.
By Andrew John Bellingall
In August 2016 Brazil will be the focus of attention for billions of people from around the world, who will watch the Olympic and Paralympic Games being held in Rio de Janeiro.
By Robert Daniel-Shores, Roberta Arantes
The Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office ("BPTO"), also referred to as the National Institute for Industrial Property (Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial – "INPI", in Portuguese).
By Anne Caroline Lapa De Holanda, Nelsa Barroso
An unexpected notification issued by the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) of India in recent weeks caused an uproar among trademark owners in that country.